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Fun Things for Your Desk

Written by: Editorial Staff

March 27, 2014
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fun desk by Info Guru Terri Wallace

You spend eight or more hours working at your desk.

Face it, you need to have some fun things around you to break the monotony and make it feel less like a prison.

10. iPod Player

iPod Player

Listen to your favorite tunes at work with a stylish iPod player. If anyone complains, just remind your boss that music is soothing and has been shown to help boost productivity. If that doesn’t work, try reminding your boss that the music will help drown out the sound of him making smooching noises at his new girlfriend…because there are some things you don’t want to hear, and neither does his wife!

9. Fancy Pants Pens

Fancy Pants Pens

Every desk needs at least one fancy pants pen, a pen that says “I am worth more than a four cent cheap bit of plastic filled with ink!” You deserve a pen that reflects your style, your attitude, your love of fine things. Sure, you will have to stash it in the back of your desk drawer every day to make sure no one steals it, but isn’t it worth it for eight hours of quality time with a pen that really gets you?

8. Artsy Lamp

 Artsy Lamp

The fluorescent lights common to most offices are harsh and glaring. Make your work space a work of art with an artsy lamp that is bold and dramatic, just like you. Sure, you might crunch numbers all day, but by gosh you have some sense of style!

7. Cheeky Mousepad

zombie mousepad

Go ahead and say it like you feel it – apocalyptic – wish the zombie curse upon your workplace in a subtle, mousepad saying kind of way. Guaranteed you’ll get some appreciative snickers from your co-workers. If zombies aren’t your disaster of choice, be assured there are other sentiments that will fit your state of mind.

6. Smile for the Camera

 Smile for the Camera

With all of your amazing office gadgets and desk décor, thievery is an ever growing concern. You might consider taking steps to stem the pilfering. A faux security camera can help keep your belongings safe and it can increase your productivity and cut down on distractions from the office blabber mouth. Every time a busybody comes around to chat, simply point in the direction of the camera and shrug your shoulders helplessly.

5. Give ‘Em a Hand!

display hands

The next time a co-worker asks if you could give them a hand on a project, make sure to really give them a hand. Artistic and practical, when not silencing the requests of lazy co-workers, these hand forms serve double duty as a paperweight.

4. Stress Ball

Stress Ball

More discreet than voodoo dolls and less intimidating than a punching bag, this stress ball is just the thing to help relieve office tension. When the office know-it-all tries to pawn off his project on you, simply smile and squeeze!

3. Calendar


Keep track of how much time you have done on the job with a whimsical calendar. This style of calendar also boasts those useful little sticky notes that you can use to leave helpful instructions to co-workers, or use as effective “kick here” reminders.

2. Pencil Sharpener


There are some days when the only thing that helps keep you sane is the idea of jamming a pencil up someone’s nose. When that happens, choose something silly that won’t file criminal charges against you…like this bunny nose pencil sharpener! It curbs aggression, sharpens pencils, and also looks remarkably silly displayed on your desk; that’s a lot of bang for your buck!

1. Use the Force

Use the Force

When not even voodoo dolls or bunny nose pencil sharpeners can get you through the day, remember The Force. These adorable Star Wars themed bobble heads are sure to brighten your day, and also allow you the opportunity to fly your geek flag proudly!

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