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Gifts for Pets and Their Owners

Written by: Editorial Staff

September 27, 2014
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pet giftsby Info Guru Terri Wallace

Pet lovers are an enthusiastic lot; prized, pedigreed pooches and finicky felines hold sway over their heart, and a gift that celebrates that love will undoubtedly be cherished.

Here are some of the best gifts for pets and their owners.

10. Gift Basket

Gift Basket

For a present that is sure to please both pet and owner, consider a gift basket with token treats for each. Filled with tasty treats and playful toys for Fido, and a whimsical what-not or two for his human care-giver, a generous gift basket is more fun that a game of fetch!

9. Handsome leather leash

leash from Schnees

For anyone who has ever wondered what professional dog handlers recommend, take a look at this sturdy and handsome leather leash. This 6-foot lead gives you control of your dog when hiking, adventuring, or just tooling around town.

8. Luxury Pet Bowls

Luxury Pet Bowls

For the pampered pooch, consider a gift befitting his station. Luxury pet bowls will make even common canine cuisine seem like something special.

7. Cat Harness

Cat Harness

Mr. Whiskers wants to go outside. And what Mr. Whiskers wants–Mr. Whiskers gets. Fit your feisty feline with a cat harness, and let him take a walk on the wild side. With you in the lead, Mr. Whiskers can safely cruise the neighborhood without danger of anything other than perhaps a few incredulous stares.

6. Bite Tug

Bite Tug

Puppies like to play…and bite…and play bite. Instead of fighting your pet and his instincts, give him a toy that teaches him that there is a time and place for his need to nip. A bite tug allows your pup to chew on something other than your shoes, or furniture, or body parts.

5. Heated Outdoor Fish Tank

Heated Outdoor Fish Tank

There are fish tanks…and there are elaborate, heated, outdoor fish tanks with glass covers that make even avowed fish haters wish that they had one gracing they landscape of their yard. If you happen to know a fish lover, however, this is definitely the perfect gift. Their fish will also enjoy it immensely

4. Cat Tree

Cat Tree

Forget those kitty-condos from days of yore. For devoted cat fanciers, nothing says “Crazy Cat Lady” like a Cat Tree. Cat Trees are more than just a playful perch for your precious puss, they are statuesque tributes to the fortunate felines who grace their branches. Fortunately, they are also more attractive than the carpet covered monstrosities of the past. Win!

3. Pet Photography Session

Pet Photography Session

There are some people for whom pets are more than just animals–they are a part of the family. For the devoted parent of one of these beloved “fur-babies,” consider a pet photography session. Professional pictures of the pet-centric family will be a graceful additional to their mantel. It also might dissuade them from posting more of those atrocious, sub-par pet selfies.

2. Neko Tsugura

Neko Tsugura

For the culturally aware kitty, consider providing a stylish neko tsugura for their cat napping pleasure. A neko tsugura is a kind of cat home made of straw. Not only do finicky felines find the homes cozy to curl up in, but they also enjoy scratching at the straw. The gift of a neko tsugura provides more than just a home for Mr. Scratchy Paws, it also provides sweet relief for your sofa, curtains, and other often-clawed surfaces.

1. Microchip


Perhaps the best gift you can give a pet lover is peace of mind. A micro-chipped pet has a much better chance of being reunited with its owner in the event that they are ever separated. Since nothing is more important to a pet parent than the well-being of their precious pet, this investment is a gift to both the animal and its owner.

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