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Best of … hiking equipment list items

Written by: Editorial Staff

August 17, 2011
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One of the best of hiking equipment list itemsContributed by Tim Brugger, Top 10 Guru

‘Tis the season; for hiking that is.

If you’re preparing to rough it a bit and get out to experience first-hand what nature’s all about, then you’ll love this Best of hiking equipment list must-haves.

Before you hit the trail, hit a few of these online catalog deals to make sure you have everything you need, before you need it.


Starting point for packing

One of the best of hiking equipment list items

Next to food, water and a long-distance transmitter that allows you to listen to the game at 6,000 feet, few things are as important to a hiking equipment list than a backpack. The right backpack will make toting all the necessaries a snap; the wrong one will leave you screaming for Mommy. The Red Tail Pack from Camping World is merely one of hundreds they offer, with online shopping specials to boot.


Lightweight and warm

One of the best of hiking equipment list items

Some hikers may be under the mistaken impression that it’s necessary to dress the part of Daniel Boone in preparation for a day (or more) of hiking. Leather Coats, ETC begs to differ. In addition to outdoor leather jackets and accessories, they offer lightweight but warm Chenille zip necks and quilted or wool options. Soft, stylish, lightweight and warm; nice.

Hiking shoes

The real thing

One of the best of hiking equipment list items

Hiking shoes. There are very few sports or activities that put as much wear and tear and your peds than a full day of hiking. The rocks and uneven terrain can turn a beautiful day into a living nightmare without the right shoes. The Amherst Wolverines are some of the best low-cut hiking options on the market, and pretty darn affordable too. If you’re a high-top guy, has plenty of options for your hiking equipment list too, which is a really cool find, especially if you’re not a construction worker.

Multi-purpose tool


One of the best of hiking equipment list items

Next to the infamous Ginsu, the Gerber Method Multi-Tool does more than just about any one tool you can possibly imagine, and probably a couple of things you hadn’t thought of. As hikers know, being prepared means being ready for the unexpected. And with this lightweight, stainless steel tool from Smoky Mountain Knife Works you’ll be able to saw, open bottles and cans and fend of Yogi should the need arise, among other critical survival techniques.


Find yourself

One of the best of hiking equipment list items

Gone are the days of old school compasses and using the sun and landmarks to get your bearings. Well, maybe not gone, but when push comes to shove it’s sure nice to know you can always tell where you are, and tell others where you are, with the SPOT Satellite Personal Tracker. This is an absolute must for any and all hiking equipment lists. And at 5 ounces, waterproof and affordable, there’s no reason not to check this out over at Live View GPS.


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