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Household Cables to Have on Hand

Written by: Editorial Staff

May 19, 2014
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household cablesby Info Guru Paul Seaburn

It seems you can’t walk around a house, apartment or office without accidentally tripping over some kind of cable.

Even in this wireless world, we still need plenty of cables. The ones that come with products are often too short for everyday use, and everyone has lost or accidentally cut a cable. That’s why it’s important to have a collection of household cables on hand to keep computers, entertainment centers and other electronic gear running. Here are 10 good ones to keep handy.

10. USB Cables

USB Cables

The U in USB stands for Universal and it truly is, connecting computers, printers, scanners, cameras and anything else you may attach to a PC. Keep plenty of USB cables on hand and use 8″ USB cable to protect your USB ports from wear from memory stocks and other devices you remove frequently.

9. USB Extenders and Repeaters

USB Extenders and Repeaters

Most devices come with USB cables but they’re usually short. If you have devices on the other side of the room, connect cables together with USB extenders or repeaters if the distance degrades the signal.

8. Extension Cords

Extension Cords

Houses and apartments never have outlets where you need them, so extension cords are a must. Always use heavy duty UL-approved extension cords to avoid electrical problems, especially for outdoor use and with power tools.

7. Bungee Cables

Bungee Cables

Leave the bridge-lumping bungee cables to the professionals – we’re talking the versatile elastic cables with hooks on either end that are great for holding auto trunks closed, wrapping around containers, holding lids on cans and hundreds of other uses. Start with an bungee assortment of bungee cords and then stock up on the ones you use the most.

6. HDMI Cables and Extenders

HDMI Cables and Extenders

When you need to move your HD TV to a better spot for your Super Bowl party, a long HDMI cable or an extender cable will come in handy so you can move just the TV and not the receiver. Short extenders are good for saving wear and tear on HDMI ports.

5. Cable Cables

Cable Cables

OK, technically they’re called “ties,” but these little plastic cables to help organize the cable spaghetti mess under your desk or behind your entertainment center. Use them to keep bundles of cables together and labeled and troubleshooting and upgrading will be much easier.

4. Telephone Cords

Telephone Cords

Yes, cell phones are everywhere, but recent disasters show how vulnerable they are to weather and power outages. That’s when the good old landline phones save the day. Don’t get caught without a connection for yours – keep extra telephone cords around.

3. Universal Notebook Power Cable

Universal Notebook Power Cable

As notebooks become cheaper, I’ve acquired many of them and have occasionally lost power cables. A universal notebook power cable adapter has saved me many times. It also comes in handy when a visitor runs out of battery power and discovers the power cord is back home.

2. Surge Protection Cables

Surge Protection Cables

Think of surge protection cables as extension cords with a little extra – namely, protection from power surges or spikes caused by electrical storms or problems on the local power grid. Get the best you can afford – many come with insurance against damage if used properly.

1. Coax Cable

Coax Cable

If you’re handy with wire cutters and crimping tools, you can redesign or extend your video system cabling with bulk coax cable. It also comes in handy for emergencies, like when someone digging in the backyard cuts through the cable.

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