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Best of … how to live green at home

Written by: Editorial Staff

October 11, 2011
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One of the best of how to live greenContributed by Jenna Scaglione, Top 10 Guru

“Going green” can seem like a monumental undertaking and for some the thought can stop them from even trying.

Going green is not difficult. In fact, your children can even join in on the fun!

Take it one step at a time and realize than any action you make towards green living will have an overall positive effect on the environment.

Here are some energy saving ideas you can get started on today:

Organic Beauty Products

Your skin will love you for it

One of the best of how to live green

What you put on your body is just as important as what you put in your body. By using organic beauty products, you will avoid artificial fragrances and chemicals and help to do your part to keep the earth as clean as possible. Products like Zents Body Wash from earthsake are made from organic ingredients and packaged with recycled materials. Your body and skin will love the natural essence of these green products.

In the Kitchen

Save energy with a few quick fixes

One of the best of how to live green

Kitchen appliances and fixtures can zap tons of energy. You can help reduce this load on the Earth by purchasing energy-saving alternatives and cutting down on their usage. For example, a green kitchen faucet from Green Express Direct will save your water output. You can also save extra energy by shutting down and unplugging appliances like a toaster or countertop convection oven when not in use.

In the Bathroom

Every part counts

One of the best of how to live green

It is very easy to waste energy in the bathroom if you are not aware. First, invest in an item like’s energy-saving showerhead and make sure to limit your shower time to what is necessary. Take notice of sediment buildup on your showerhead as well which can reduce water flow and increase hot water usage. If you are going on vacation, remember to shut off your hot water and if you live in an environment with a lot of natural sunlight, go solar!

For the home

Clear clean water

A green living solution to contaminants, chemicals and other unwanted substances in your home drinking water is to install a highly effective filtration system for your home water. PuriTeam has products that ensure pure and safe water for your home, ranging from all-house filtration systems to counter top and refrigerator filters. Filtered water will also make your house-cleaning and cleaning products more effective, so that you can use less and live more “green.”

No action is too small! The changes you make are very important and every small step can make a big impact towards saving the environment.

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