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Living Room Space Ideas

Written by: Editorial Staff

August 2, 2013
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living room spaceContributed by Info Guru Terri Wallace

A living space has a lot to live up to.

The room needs to be roomy and livable, to provide some privacy and storage, and to offer plenty of seating. Is it any wonder that so many living rooms fall short? Fortunately, even cramped quarters can be improved with these living room space ideas that help find ways to make better use of the available space.

10. Sneaky Seating

Sneaky Seating

Snug spaces can make it hard to find the room for adequate seating. Rather than resorting to folding chairs, consider some sneaky seating that combines a functional coffee table with plenty of spare seating. This is an affordable and stylish solution to cramped quarters.

9. Toasty Toes and Televisions

electric fireplace

Not every living room can boast a warm hearth to curl up in front of on a crisp autumn evening, and space and budget constraints can make a renovation a remote possibility. Save yourself the time, mess, and inconvenience of a remodel with an electric fireplace and television stand. You can keep your toes toasty while you watch television—much better than fretting over construction costs and delays!

8. Bunk Mate Space

Bunk Mate Space

Anyone with an empty sofa should expect to entertain displaced friends and family at some point. A lovers’ spat, electrical malfunctions, and eviction notices can cause long-lost relations to take refuge in your living room. Make your bunk mate’s space a little cozier with a sofa bed to help provide a comfortable crash space while their crazy ex comes to his or her senses.

7. Keep Your Liquor Neat

Keep Your Liquor Neat

Just because your space is limited doesn’t mean that you can’t provide your guests with a well-stocked bar. You can keep your liquor neat with a space saving entertaining cabinet that organizes your beverages, glasses, and other adult beverage accoutrements.

6. Space Saving Shelves

Space Saving Shelves

Shelving can help organize your limited living space, and wall mounted shelves can save even more of your floor space. Shelves hung above doors and windows offer plenty of storage for books and collectibles without wasting room that could be better used.

5. Nesting Tables to Spruce Up Your Nest

Nesting Tables

It is hard to feel comfortable in a room where there is no place to even rest your beverage. Provide plenty of table top space with nesting tables. These space saving tables can be nesting together to take up less room, but can also be un-stacked and placed around the room when you are entertaining.

4. Bench Storage


Benches are a wonderful design option for the space conscious. Benches offer both seating and storage, and they come in a variety of styles and colors to coordinate with nearly every décor.

3. Mantle Space

 Mantle Space

Mantles can provide a stylish alternative to the coffee table. Mounted on the wall behind a sofa, a mantle is the perfect spot to stash a few books, a small lamp, and a cup of hot tea. By taking advantage of the wall space, those residing in a smaller living space can preserve precious floor space.

2. Armoire


For those who require a great deal of storage in a single stylish piece, the armoire offers glamorous and abundant storage. One benefit of the armoire over traditional shelves is that the armoire doors can be closed, and any clutter can be hidden from view.

1. Create Space

Create Space

Open floor plans, which are very popular in newer construction, can blur the lines between the kitchen, living room, and dining room. For those who prefer a more distinct delineation of space, it is possible to create visual division in order to give additional privacy or intimacy to a room.


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