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Best of … luxury bath design resources

Written by: Editorial Staff

July 15, 2011
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A list of the best of luxury bath design resourcesContributed by Denise McGill, Top 10 Guru

There are many resources for bath designs, but if you are looking for luxury then that is a league of its own.

The bath is no longer an overlooked room in the home when it comes to décor and functionality. It now has character and an ambiance all its own. Opulent copper sinks, bidets, and mood lighting are just a few of things you want to look for when you think of luxury bath resources when designing the bath. When run of the mill just won’t satisfy your needs, these five online stores offer a little something out of the ordinary when it comes to luxury.

Victorian Fireplaces

Luxurious Glow

electric fireplace

A Victorian fireplace specialty store can take you back in time or go totally contemporary with the luxury of an electric fireplace in your bathroom. They won’t disappoint the homeowner who is seeking luxury. At the top of our list of luxurious bathroom appointments is a flickering fire, even better than candlelight for a relaxing soak.

Teak Accents

Elegance under foot

Anyone can have a plain old tile floor in their bathroom. But that’s not good enough for the true luxury-lover. Even the finest tile is, well, still just tile.

Make your bathroom stand out with the unforgettable richness of real teak mat flooring. Teak is beautiful. You’d never see color like this in tile…or even an engineered wood floor. Choose a teak mat for your shower, or cover your whole bathroom floor with the warmth of real teak.

These mats are made to stand up to everything your bathroom can dish out, and still look great for years to come.

Gallery of Sinks

Art meets your bathroom faucet

Forget those ordinary faucets at the local big box store. Forget the faucets you grew up with, the ones in your friends’ houses and the ones in your last home, too. Look for a store that gives you a whole new take on bathroom faucets.

This is not just a bathroom fixture… it’s a work of art. You’re bathroom will become a must-see moment every time you have visitors, so make sure you’re well stocked with finger tip towels and sweetly scented soap. Once you install one of these magnificent faucets, they will come.

Museum Stores

It’s in the details

maple leaf nightlight

Nothing adds a quick touch of luxury to a bath more than all the little details, from the nightlight to the bathrobe hooks to the toothbrushes you set out for guests. With a store that specializes in out-of-the-ordinary or artisan crafts, like the a museum store, your bathroom will instantly be the focal piece of your home. To create the bath interior you desire, look for a unique line of bath accessories in the design you long for. Spice up the guest bath or the master bath with the quality and tasteful trendiness of unique color palettes, patterns and textures.


Flattering illumination

bathroom lighting

Lighting completes the look of your luxury bath design and Bellacor is the online resource for lighting ambience. From sconces set along side the vanity to underneath cabinet lighting, you can illuminate the bath to set the mood you want. Dim the lights for a quiet relaxing bath or shine them bright for applying makeup or shaving. With a luxury bath design, lighting is much more than a switch on the wall to a 60-watt bulb!

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