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Best of … man cave design ideas

Written by: Editorial Staff

August 16, 2011
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One of the best of man cave design ideasContributed by Tim Brugger, Top 10 Guru

Every once in a while a catchy phrase or descriptive slogan will come along that sounds so right, it makes you wonder why it took so long for anyone to think of it.

“Man Cave” is just such a phrase.

Those two little words are so perfectly descriptive that even if you’d never heard them before, they conjure up exactly what a man cave is all about. Of course, as any guy will tell you there are man caves, and then there are MAN CAVES.

In the spirit of go big or go home, our focus for the Best of Man Cave Design Ideas list zeroes in solely on the MAN CAVE.

Big screen tv

Life size clarity

One of the best of man cave design ideas big screen TV

There was a time when a TV was pretty much a TV; either color or black and white. TV’s have undergone a major metamorphosis, but since the advent of the Man Cave the rules have inexorably changed. Their selection of LED, flat screen and 3D TVs are centerpiece-worthy in your Man Cave design plans. Need a home theater system to really make this beauty sing? Adorama has a wide selection of those too.

Beer signs

Create a personal pub

What’s a man cave without a bar? And what’s a bar without some cool signs from your favorite brands of beer or other intoxicating treats? Find the signs you need to complete your man cave design, from the lit Blue Moon neon sign to classic metal bar signs. Go with a theme, or just pick your favorites, mix in some bar-themed mirrors, and you have a look that’s perfect for your very own man-space.

Manly tobacco

Cigars with accessories

One of the best of man cave design ideas

Quite possibly the best $34.95 you’ll spend implementing your man cave design. The Bauza and Monte Cristo Ashtray, with cigar holder, is perfectly sized for the occasional Monte Cristo. This should be a required accessory for the desk in every man’s cave. Don’t forget the little things like a cigar lighter, cutters and other goodies for the cigar-lover.

Mighty military

Patriotic theme

One of the best of man cave design ideas

If you have a current or retired Marine in the house, you can be assured his Man Cave design will need to include some memorabilia. An army navy store makes it easy with an array of all things Marine, including this USMC clock. It’s the perfect combination of Man Cave décor, and knowing when it’s time to re-join society.

Funky footstool

Put your feet up

One of the best of man cave design ideas

Assuming your Man Cave design included his most comfortable chair (I would have included a chair on this list, but that’s kind of demeaning to man cave designers. I mean, it’s sort of a given), now it’s time to finish off the drive toward ultimate comfort with a footstool. Of course, being a Man Cave means not just any footstool will do. It needs to be plush, and preferably shaped like a buffalo. If your tastes run more toward bears, lions or woolly mammoths, a home decor store can hook you up too.

Three Stooges Decor

Have a Sense of Humor

Three Stooges decor

Pick a passion and go for it, with all you’ve got. Say you’re crazy for the Three Stooges, we say, hook it up. Invest in posters, tin signs, barware, sofa pillows – all of the home decor you can find that says Larry, Moe and Curly. You get the idea. There will be no missing the distinctly guy-flavored sense of humor in your man cave.

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