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Men’s Short Hairstyles

Written by: Editorial Staff

June 23, 2014
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men's short hairstylesby Info Guru Paul Seaburn

There was a time not too long ago when the only men with short hair were either in the military or going bald.

The trend towards men’s short hairstyles began when religions started allowing short hair, people moved to climates that were too hot for long hair and barbers got sharper clippers and scissors. Sort hair also makes you look younger, sexier and more masculine – at least that’s what my stylist keeps telling me. A good barber or stylist can recommend the best cut for the shape of your face. No matter which men’s short hairstyle you choose, always be grateful you have the hair for it!

10. The Messy

The Messy

If you’re going for the “bad boy” look, the Messy style is a good choice. Short on the sides, long on the top and made spiky by adding styling paste and running your fingers upward.

9. The Faux Hawk

The Faux Hawk

If you want the Mohawk look that is appropriate for the office, the Faux Hawk is a fun style. Cut it shorter on the sides but not as buzzed as the Mohawk. Leave a band of conservatively longer hair up the middle, then smooth the sides and sweep the top with a little gel.

8. The High and Tight

The High and Tight

In the military or out, the high and tight makes your cheekbones stand out and emphasizes your eyes. It’s almost shaven on the sides like the buzz cut with an extremely short (a precise sixteenth of an inch is the standard) cut on the top.

7. The Flattop

 The Flattop

For the military look with a little more hair, the flattop is a popular style. Cut short on the sides and shaved clean around the ears, the flattop gets its name from the longer but flatter trim on the top. It needs to stay between a half inch and an inch long to keep the top aircraft carrier flat, not ocean wavy.

6. The Caesar

The Caesar

If your stylist says, “Friends, Romans, countrymen … lend me your hair,” they may be recommending they you try the Caesar. It’s a simple cut – short all over with bangs in the front. It looked good on Julius as well as on Russell Crowe.

5. The Ivy League

The Ivy League

A classic short hairstyle inspired by the grads of Harvard and Yale, the Ivy League is the perfect cut for the office. A favorite of TV hosts, the Ivy League is short in the back and on the sides, getting gradually longer across the top and up to one-and-a-half inches in the front so it can be parted and combed.

4. The Short Shag

The Short Shag

A little longer and definitely more casual, the Short Shag is a choppy, windblown look. Bangs are longer, sideburns are just below the ear and a little gel goes a long way with this style.

3. The Short Curly

The Short Curly

If your hair is naturally curly, the Short Curly will make it easy to maintain. Have your stylist cut it short on the sides and back, then blend it into a little longer length on the top, letting the tight curls and kinks go any way they want to. A little frizz is OK for that Will Ferrell just-rolled-out-of-my-trailer look.

2. The Short Wavy

The Short Wavy

A long face is helped by longer hair, so the short wavy is good low-maintenance style that still allows for some length and shape. Layering will help unruly waves look neater.

1. The Bieber

The Bieber

The “sweep” that swept the nation is still going strong, just like the head it sits on, Justin Bieber. Perfect for straight hair and that “youngish” look, the back and sides should be cropped short, then blended into the top which has bangs long enough to be combed or casually flung to the side.


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