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Best of … mini skirts for women

Written by: Editorial Staff

October 26, 2011
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One of the best of mini skirts for womenContributed by Tim Brugger, Top 10 Guru

It seems almost odd to say, but there mini skirts for women that just don’t quite work (I know, weird huh?).

There could be any number of reasons; color, style, too-too mini, not mini enough; whatever the cause, it happens.

But when they work, they really work. Ask a guy, any guy, what he thinks about a hot mini skirt and more likely than not he’ll be fumbling for words. Why? Because the English language falls short in its attempt to describe the indescribable; yeah, they’re that good.

So let’s get to it, here are the best mini skirts for women, in my humble opinion.

Peruvian Connection

Something different

One of the best of mini skirts for women

A mini with class and a touch of distinction certainly warrants inclusion on our Best of list, and the folks at Peruvian Connection know all about that. Made from authentic Peruvian textiles, as all their clothing and accessories are, the Pima Cotton Casbah skirt oozes style; with just the right touch of attitude.

Super Short Skirts

Hot, hot, hot

One of the best of mini skirts for women

When it comes time to just plain killing it, mini skirts for women will do just that. The Tessa Striped mini skirt is one of many scorching hot options, and I do mean scorching. If you’re bashful about attention or not really interested in standing out, I’d avoid this and the other minis, ‘cuz these are conversation stoppers. Oh, and try and stay away from timepieces of all shapes and sizes, those will stop too.

Biker Looks

Leather mini

One of the best of mini skirts for women

Here’s one for the younger women, though if you can pull it off I’d suggest doing it regardless of age. As with most mini skirts for women, it takes a measure of panache to pull it off, no doubt about it. When you throw leather into the mix, you better have it going on, especially between the ears, because it requires a confident woman indeed. If that’s you, run don’t walk over and take a peek at this leather mini. We’ll all be glad you did!

Short Sport Skirts

On the court and off

tennis skirt from skirt sports

For the athlete or the woman that wants to express her inner athlete, there’s no better way to do it then with a sporty tennis or running mini. I don’t think it’s just me, because it seems pretty obvious this cute pleated Jette skirt would be just as hot at a casual function or Ristorante as on the tennis court. They have several others, especially those with built-in shorties, that are dual-purpose mini skirts for women. They’re all at reasonably priced too, so you’ll look fantastic and still have a few bucks to get out and show it, and you, off.

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