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Best of … mittens vs. gloves

Written by: Editorial Staff

December 6, 2011
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A list of the best of mittens VS glovesContributed by Tim Brugger, Top 10 Guru

It’s not quite Elvis vs. the Beatles, or even Alien vs. Predator but the debate does continue; mitten vs. gloves.

Like all great debates, both have their strong points and areas of weakness. Nothing’s cuter than a rosy cheeked 6-year old bundled up in her winter gear with a pair of mittens. On the other hand, if said 6-year old decides to let fly with a few snow balls this winter, a good pair of gloves is in order.

Rather than try and solve this dilemma today, we’ll let you be the judge of the best of mittens vs. gloves.

Fingerless gloves


A list of the best of mittens VS gloves

Of course, one of the overriding distinctions in the Great Mittens vs. Gloves Debate are the fingers. Ones got ‘em, the other doesn’t. So it may seem odd to include fingerless gloves, but these little beauties serve an all-important function. These gloves fit the part well. The chopped fingers mean warmth, without giving up flexibility. Score one for the gloves.

Fur lined gloves

Faux with a purpose

A list of the best of mittens VS gloves

Cold weather can’t dissuade the chic among us from donning the gowns and tuxedos (you can decide who wears which) and spending an evening on the town. For the lady, (faux) fur lined gloves add just the right elegance, and still allow for digging in the purse to find those darn keys, compact and other requisite items. And for only $25 at Fabulous Furs you’ll even save a few dollars.

Winter combo

Hat and mittens

A list of the best of mittens VS gloves

The mitten hat combo; maybe not fair in the Great Mitten vs. Gloves Debate but all’s fair in love and Winter accessories. Look for sets in a host of colors and styles, for both boys and girls. And they’re UGGs, so you know the quality is second to none.

All-purpose gloves

Everything you need

A list of the best of mittens VS gloves

For style points, it’s going to be tough to beat these all-purpose gloves, and I do mean all-purpose. Not only do they come with Graflex Grip leather and an adjustable Velcro closure for warmth, they even have a nose wipe panel. That’s phenomenal! No more ripping the end of your nose off in the middle of an 18 degree Winter’s day; I hate that.

Battery-operated mittens

Custom heat

A list of the best of mittens VS gloves

Okay, these may very well settle the mittens vs. gloves argument right here. The pair of Auclair Mittens you see before you? Yeah, they’re battery heated with heating elements in the wrist, hand and down the fingers too. Oh, and let’s not forget the often neglected opposable thumb, these provide warmth there too. There are three settings for super hot, a little bit hot or a just tad tepid.

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