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Best of … new employee office and cubicle decorating

Written by: Lindsay Shugerman

August 29, 2011
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best of office and cubicle décor ideasContributed by Lindsay Shugerman, Top 10 Guru

We spend more waking hours in our offices and cubicles that we do at home. So it only makes sense that you should pay as much attention to the décor in your office as we do in your house.

But many people don’t know how to balance a professional look with something that expresses their unique personality. And as a new employee, you may be worried about the message your office decorating choices send. So you do nothing. Or you hang a boring corporate poster or two.

No more! I am here to help you with office and cubicle decorating ideas that will make your new home away from home all yours … and still just right for work.


Work lighting doesn’t have to be ugly

Adding attractive task lighting to your workspace not only makes your office look better, it may improve your productivity. Focused lighting like the beautiful lamps at Victorian Trading Company can eliminate the glare and flicker of harsh overhead fixtures. Ask if you can have the overhead lighting turned off, or at least a few bulbs removed, and add desk lamps and a floor lamp or two instead.


Add color, design and a message in one shot

There are few things that can do as much for your office or cubicle decorating as wall art. Select pieces that express your taste, while avoiding subject matter that might offend your coworkers. The office is probably not a good place for nudes, religious subjects or disturbing images, but it is a wonderful place for inspiring landscapes, soothing still lifes or dramatic portraits, like those at Design Toscano.

Cool clocks

Stay on time with style

Modern wall clock

Sure you have a clock built into your phone. And your computer. But when you’re checking to see how long you have until that big meeting, do you really want to have to stop, pick up your phone and wake up the screen or squint at the tiny time in the corner of your computer screen?

That’s why adding a clock to your office or cubicle is a great idea. And choosing a super-unique art clock will cover the practical, and add a conversation starting work of style to your space. That’s a big plus when you’re the new kid on the block.

Under Foot

Add a base of color and style

Commercial carpets are, well, hideous. But you can personalize your office or cubicle with a splash of color and design just by adding an area rug. Select a small rug to give your feet a cozy spot to rest, or opt for a larger rug to bring color to your entire workspace.

You can express your unique design style with a contemporary, traditional, Oriental, braided or Southwestern rug from a Touch of Class and bring instant pizzazz to a once beige office floor.

Carefree Greenery

Plants that will thrive deep in cubicle-land

It would be wonderful to have healthy, thriving plants in your office or cubicle. But with the limited number of windows…okay, none in many companies…it’s hard to keep green from turning brown. Enter beautiful silk trees. A life-like look, and no watering needed means you can bring the look of the outdoors into your office decorating plan.

Switch them out by season for an inspiring custom look, too. Hey, they’re silk, so they’ll survive until the season rolls around again!

Whether your style is modern or traditional, simple or complex, decorating your office to express yourself will make arriving at work each morning feel a little more like being at home.


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