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Orthotic Sandals that Look Great

Written by: Editorial Staff

June 30, 2014
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orthotic shoesby Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

Foot health is too important to sacrifice in the name of fashion, but who says beauty has to be painful?

Orthotic shoes are designed to offer support and cushioning where you need it most. Best of all, this type of shoe can be as stylish as it is therapeutic.

Here are ten orthotic sandals that look great and feel incredible.

10. Fearless in straps

Fearless in straps

Sexy strappy orthotic sandals may sound like an oxymoron, so feel for yourself how good healthy feet can look. The secret is in the design. Combine elasticated straps made to secure and support the feet with a compression molded footbed and you have the lightweight warm weather shoe of your dreams.

9. Orthaheel flip-flops

Othaheel flip-flops

If the flip-flop is more to your taste, check out those with an orthaheel technology base. These babies feel like you’re walking on clouds – the fluffy kind. Synthetic rubber gives them long-term durability while super supportive soles provide full built-in orthotics. Perfect for long summer walks.

8. Open toed

Open toed

Once you find supportive insoles that make walking a breeze it’s hard to give them up, and you don’t have to. There are plenty of designs with an adjustable, single strap to secure the foot without obstructing an added insole. A number even have removable footbeds so you can insert your preferred insole instead.

7. Slide in

Slide in

Slides are among the many orthotic sandals that look great with almost any outfit. A closed toe not only makes them wearable year-round, but easily takes you from the office to a night out. Mary Janes are classic design and they’re functional. The thin strap keeps your foot secure while the open back supports your heel without constraint.

6. Cute toe straps

Cute toe straps

Orthopedic sandals don’t have to look the part. In fact, minimal shoes with a soft and trendy toe strap can provide ample arch support with a slip-resistant, padded footbed. They’re also incredibly lightweight, which is ideal when temperatures soar.

5. Beachy clogs

clogs at Destination XL

Men may not have quite as many designs to choose from, but they still have plenty of options when looking for orthotic sandals that look great. Cushiony clogs for men are a popular choice because they include a built-in orthopedic footbed, plus the slight back heel will hold insoles secure if you prefer to add them. They’re best fit for casual occasions or after a long work day.

4. Chic wedge supports

Chic wedge supports

If you prefer added height, look for wedges that offer orthaheel technology, full arch support and a stabilizing heel cup. Leather or suede straps with lining add ultimate foot comfort and class. Wedges made from cork have a natural, eye-catching appeal that looks fabulous on warm days.

3. High back with low heel

High back with low heel

For dressier occasions, strappy shoes with material that extends to a high ankle strap gives the illusion of high heels. In reality, they should should only have a slight lift with loads of cushioning at the balls of the feet. Flip-slop straps complete this simply, sophisticated look.

2. Step with swing

Step with swing

Have the best of both worlds with dressy FitFlops that look good with jean shorts or a sundress. The style will have you sauntering like a gal from the swinging jazz age, while the orthotic features will simply make you glow. The ergonomic midsole absorbs shock and diffuses pressure from the bottoms of your feet.

1. Hello, gladiator

Hello, gladiator

Feel like a warrior wearing studded gladiator shoes. They secure the toes with adjustable straps so you can customize the soles of the cushioned sandal to your instep. The studded center strap adds a subtle contrast of texture without sacrificing the shoes all-important structure. Look for heels padded with memory foam, particularly if you’re recovering from plantar fasciitis.

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