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Best of … outdoor adventure activities

Written by: Editorial Staff

August 22, 2011
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One of the best of outdoor adventure activitiesContributed by Tim Brugger, Top 10 Guru

No sense staying indoors during the nice, warm summer months.

Sure, there’s a time and place for lounging, but all that Vitamin D coming down in the form of the sun’s rays can light a spark. When it does, take a look at some of these outdoor adventure activities; perfect to scratch your adventuresome itch.


Awesome in tandem

One of the best of outdoor adventure activities

Outdoor adventure activities, such as kayaking for example, are even more memorable when you’re able to share the utter terror of your daring deed with that special someone. Actually, there’s no need to traverse class 5 rapids to have a great kayak adventure. The tandem, inflatable Bandit II Kayak is ideal for getting up and down the river in comfort and style. And the likelihood of accidentally paddling over a sheer cliff is virtually nil.

Paintball warfare

Exhilarating outdoor fun

One of the best of outdoor adventure activities

Ahh; nothing quite like a lovely summer day. A cool breeze, traversing the forest getting in touch with nature, then stalking and subsequently destroying friends and family with a perfectly planned and executed ambush. What could be nicer? Destroying said enemy with the Alpha Tactical Paintball Gun (complete with Army insignia) comes to mind. And this is just one of the many weapons of destruction, or at least humiliation.


Get on your ATV

One of the best of outdoor adventure activities

There are places an ATV can go that cars simply can’t follow; which is step #1 in the beginning of any adventure. Easily one of the most enjoyable outdoor adventure activities is beating down the bush in an ATV and exploring previously unseen territory. These Moose Black Track Bars from Off-Road Products by Dennis Kirk will help make the ride a lot safer and more comfortable.

Fly fishing

Commune with nature

One of the best of outdoor adventure activities

Fly fishing isn’t for the impatient or feint of heart; it takes too much practice. But coming to the end of the trail and finding your own, private fishing hole and teasing trout (it must have been 4 feet long!) with a perfectly placed cast is borderline Nirvana. And when the fishing Gods smile upon you, this is one of the few outdoor adventure activities that end with a delicious meal for your efforts. Increasing your chances of success is as simple as using the Hydros 905-4 rod.

What you need to wear out there

The clothes and gear for all your outdoor adventurers

campers setting up tent in mountains

Getting out in the great outdoors could be as easy as slipping into shorts and a t-shirt, and grabbing a water bottle. But for many adventure sports, the experience begins with the right apparel and gear.

Check out the selection of scuba gear for your summer dive trip, snowboarding wear and accessories for that winter trip, and the equipment you need to get in shape for all of it. Not into extreme sports? No worries. From bikers to hikers, you’re covered.

Bow hunting

Hone your inner outdoorsman

One of the best of outdoor adventure activities

Depending on which state you live in, bow hunting season probably isn’t far off. And talk about your outdoor adventure activities, bow hunting with the Dalaa Takedown Recurve from 3Rivers Archery is about as adventuresome as you can get. Don’t want to wait until bow hunting season? Then check out 3Rivers Archery’s bow fishing section; they’ve got everything you need all in one, handy area.

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