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Best of … pest protection for your home

Written by: Editorial Staff

January 26, 2012
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One of the best of pest protection for your homeContributed by Tim Brugger, Top 10 Guru

Winter is here; a time of giving, visiting with friends and family and fighting of unwanted, nasty little critters of all sorts and sizes.

Particularly in areas of the country with harsh climates, the warmth of your home is like a beacon to pests. Then we roll around to summer, and every home is vulnerable. How can you win the pest war?

Get ‘em before they get you with the best of pest protection for your home.

Electronic device

Plugs in and works

One of the best of pest protection for your home

Man, I’m lovin’ the hi-tech age. Cars are about driving themselves; I can check the score of the game from the bathroom and plug in an electronic pest control device from Whatever Works and problem solved. This electronically controlled repeller from Ridex shoos away mice, roaches and other annoyances without the disgusting hassle of tossing the remains. You may be thinking sure, but these hi-tech gadgets probably cost a fortune. Nah, the money you spend on this will save you hundreds otherwise spent on a pest control company.

Dryer vent baffle

Keeps mice out

One of the best of pest protection for your home

You may already have this pest protection device in place, but if not take a look at this slick little contraption. Dryer vents are known entry ways for mice. They’ll scurry their little backsides right into the back of the dryer, dig there way out and into your laundry room. From there, it’s rodent party time. Not so with the Ultimate Dryer Vent Closure fromSporty’s Tool Shop. It’ll also save you money because it seals around the edges better than most vents, and it’s self-sealing after letting the hot air escape, which keeps cold, winter air where it belongs; outside.

Deer repellent

Keeps your flower bulbs safe

deer in garden

Most people, particularly the city dwelling type wouldn’t think of deer as pests. I mean, they lead Santa Claus’ sleigh for heaven’s sake; well, they’re relatives any way. But if you live in or around deer and like to garden, you don’t have to be told how much these adorable not-so-little creatures love munching on your flower bulbs. So what form of pest protection do you use for deer? You offend their senses and scare the bajesus out of ‘em of course. Deer repellent will do the trick nicely.

Flea traps

Nix stubborn little bugs

One of the best of pest protection for your home

If you have pets, chances are you’ve had fleas around the house. Those annoying little guys are pound for pound about the toughest disgusting pests there are. As such, they deserve the full wrath of pest protection mankind has available. So, in addition to the drips, collars and sprays toss Riddex Flea Traps in the corner and start your evil cackle as they die, die, die!

Spider traps

Capture those 8-legged pests

One of the best of pest protection for your home

There are few pests that evoke the type of raw emotion like spiders. Those UFC fighter dudes have been know to scream like 9 year old girls on Halloween at the sight. These things are just plain nasty. Even the highbrow humane types alluded to above must admit if it has eight legs, it’s best dead or outdoors; there’s no middle ground. These set of 6 Spider Fighter Traps really are as easy as they appear. There’s some kind of bait or smell spiders love, they go in, they don’t come out; perfect. Well worth the $6 bucks you’ll spend at Walter Drake’s for these simple to use traps.

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