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Romance Novels for Young Adults

Written by: Editorial Staff

February 28, 2013
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romance novels for YAContributed by Info Guru Jennifer Andrews

Romance novels have been hugely popular over the years perhaps more so since the advent of famed Harlequin romance novels.

Although many romance novels are written specifically with older adults in mind, there are still many others that are PG or PG-13 and suitable for teenagers and young adults. Romance and love is a universal theme that is often beautifully and heart-fully written about by authors who have love stories to share with the world. Some romance novels may be cliché while still others have unexpected twists and turns that leave you in suspense and guessing at every turn of the page. Although some novels may end happily with the traditional “happy ever after”, there are still others that end in sadness or heartbreak. No matter the ending, a good romance novel often leaves the reader wanting more and inevitably tied to the main characters and plot-line.

Check out the following top ten romance novels for young adults and add a few more books to your must-read list.

10. The Last Song

The Last Song

The Last Song is one of several romance novels written by author Nicholas Sparks that appeal to young adult readers and older adults as well. The storyline which centers around two young teens finding love one summer was also made into a major motion picture starring teen sensation Miley Cyrus and now real-life boyfriend Liam Hemsworth.

9. Avalon High

Avalon High

Author Meg Cabot has penned several bestsellers for young adults and tends to write specifically detective/mystery type books. Her 2007 book, Avalon High, once again revolves around drama and intrigue as young Ellie finds herself starting a new high school year.

8. The Truth About Forever

The Truth About Forever

Author Sarah Dessen wrote one of the top romance novels for young adults with The Truth About Forever. The romance novel centers on Macy, a teenage girl who discovers a summer full of fun, unexpected things when you least expect it.

7. The Host

 The Host

Stephanie Meyer’s novel The Host came after she became an international bestseller with the Twilight series. The Host is not just a second-rate novel however and holds its own with a strong plot based in the supernatural.

6. Twilight


Who hasn’t heard of the international best-selling book series Twilight by Stephanie Meyer? Although the novels are aimed at young adults, they have been thoroughly enjoyed by people of all ages who love a good romance story. The cult-hit story about vampires and werewolves is written as a trilogy with New Moon and Breaking Dawn finishing out the series. It went onto to break box-office records when it was developed into a major motion picture.

5. The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games

As with Twilight, The Hunger Games is another young adult romance novel trilogy that was made into a movie. Author Suzanne Collins takes the reader through a futuristic world where war and death are rampant and love still prevails in a classic love triangle.

4. A Walk to Remember

A Walk to Remember

Included amongst the number of romance novels turned into movies is Nicholas Sparks young adult novel A Walk to Remember. Mandy Moore and Sean Weston starred in the movie about the popular boy in school who falls in love with the outcast girl who turns out to be ill.

3. Fallen


The supernatural novel Fallen, by Lauren Kate, tells the story of characters Daniel Grigori and Luce Price who meet at boarding school. A dark romance story, readers will be drawn to the main characters who can’t seem to stay apart – even when they should.

2. The Summer I Turned Pretty

The Summer I Turned Pretty

The Summer I Turned Pretty is a young adult romance novel that will appeal to teenage girls world-wide. Author Jenny Han’s novel follows teenage girl Belly during one summer where everything seems to fall into place just as it should.

1. Uglies


Author Scott Westerfeld made the Bestseller’s list with his book series’ The Uglies about teenage supermodels. Unlike your typical supermodel story however, this story has a twist since young girls are made to be pretty with plastic surgery at the early ages of sixteen.


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