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Best of … running shoes stores

Written by: Editorial Staff

September 21, 2011
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One of the best of running shoes onlineContributed by Tim Brugger, Top 10 Guru

For the runner, there are few things more important than the right pair of shoes.

Finding the perfect balance between comfort, support, weight and style isn’t always easy.

To make your search easier, here are the best running shoes stores all in one neat, tidy little package.


Get Running & More

Triathlon gear

One of the best of running shoes online

Some of the most intense athletes partake in what many of us consider borderline insanity; the triathlon. In addition to the biking and swimming, triathletes have the distinct pleasure of also running further than most of us can drive. So you know the shoes are built for the long haul. They’re especially attractive when you can find them on sale, like these Gel-DS Racers.


Shiekh Shoes

Everything including old school

One of the best of running shoes online

With a name like Shiekh Shoes, it’s not difficult to imagine they’re a great stop for those looking for the best running shoes stores. With brands from most every major maker, you’re sure to find what you need. I love these beauties from Nike for a few reasons; they’re old-school retro, anything called Vengeance can’t be bad and they’re less expensive than most. Sounds like the perfect trifecta to me.


Shoes for Runners

Fashion shoe catalog

One of the best of running shoes online

The hottest brands in fashion footwear can be found in shoe catalogs. But don’t underestimate the athletic selection, You will find lots to love among these shoes that are sturdy enough for the long haul.


For the Little Ones

Kids athletic shoes

One of the best of running shoes online

With school nearly upon us, the student athletes are getting ready to start training. For a lot of sports, that means running. Running shoes stores carry high quality ped protectors specifically designed for growing kids. And since it’s likely you already mortgaged the home for back to school gear, may as well save a few dollars too.


Big Name Stores

A shoe for every taste

One of the best of running shoes online

Granted, not every runner can get away sporting these ASICS. It takes a certain someone to pull it off. If nothing else, they’re a good indication of what makes a great running shoes store; selection for even the wildest tastes. They’re no doubt perfect for the competitive runner; while your foes are mesmerized by the artistry of your shoes you can gear up for the final kick to the finish line.



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