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Best of … school spirit week ideas

Written by: Editorial Staff

August 19, 2011
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One of the best of school spirit week ideasContributed by Tim Brugger, Top 10 Guru

Proudly announcing the passion you have for your school; be it elementary, high school, college or the school of hard knocks is a time-honored tradition. Whether your school calls it Spirit Week, Team Week or Homecoming, it’s all about mixing fun with school pride.

If you’re going to do Spirit Week this year, here are some ways to do it right!

We present…the Best of School Spirit Week Ideas to get you off and running.

High energy uniforms

Dance team sparkle

One of the best of school spirit week ideas

Nothing screams school spirit more than a rousing number from the dance team. Combine the work these folks do with a school-wide assembly to cap off school spirit week and you’ll blow the roof off the place. If your dance team is stuck with old duds (soooo last year), it’s time to get with it. This Sequin Camisole Top comes in a variety of colors, and is just one of many options to get the year high-kicked off right.

Ask the students

Lots of ideas

POSITIVE PROMOTIONS school spirit items

Chances are students are chock full of school spirit week ideas, so let ‘em have at it. Instead of one, over-riding theme for the whole school let each class determine how they want to celebrate spirit week. With any luck this will result in controlled chaos, and end with the entire school revved up and ready to roll. If they need a jump start, take a look at Positive Promotions for a few school spirit week ideas. They have everything from little items like these customized spirit megaphones, to full on school-wide themes. If your student organizers can’t find it here, they’re just not trying hard enough.

Design your shirts

It’s all about your school!

One of the best of school spirit week ideas

Proudly displaying your school spirit needs to be school-wide, not just the students. If you want to make sure everyone gets involved, start with the teachers and school administrators. Customizing one of these nice polo shirts from Blank Shirts to match your school colors and mascot will make it clear; good school spirit ideas are for everyone.

Spirit awards

Recognize enthusiasm

MOTIVATORS lapel pins

The end of a great spirit week should be celebrated. What better way to do that than with this school spirit week idea? Handing out affordable but fun awards like these lapel pins to the class or group that went above and beyond the call of duty will give the entire school something to shoot for. This little point-of-pride is sure to become a keepsake for years to come.

Fun and games

Spin the wheel and win

prize wheel

Spirit week is a great time to bring in a carnival feel to school events, the big game and even classrooms. Set up prize wheels to get the kids involved in guess school history, team facts or local trivia. You can even theme it for each class, to slip in a little learning-that-doesn’t-feel-like-learning. How cool is that?

Just make sure you have plenty of prizes on hand. Even little goodies like plastic jewelry, stuffed animals and candy will work.

Capture the fun

Then play it back the same week!

coleman waterproof  camera

Capture all the fun without spending a fortune with one of these little Coleman Waterproof Sport video cameras from Cameta Camera. For less than $100, you can save the best moments from Spirit Week while it’s happening, then play it back during assemblies or halftime at the big game. You can even feed it into your school’s CCTV for instant classroom viewing.

And because these little cameras are water proof, your investment will be safe even if a water balloon or Super-Soaker battle breaks out between classes!


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