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Shoes for People on Their Feet all Day

Written by: Editorial Staff

May 1, 2015
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comfy shoesby Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

It takes high energy to work a job that keeps you on your feet for most of the day, but that’s not all.

The wrong shoes can make it impossible to cook, teach, serve food or do any number of jobs that require you to stand.

Check out these shoes for people on their feet all day so you can focus on your work pain-free.

10. Slip-ons


There’s no need to sacrifice style for comfort. See, ladies? Many slip-on shoes with cushioned footbeds offer natural walking support and soles with a strong grip. Grip is essential if you work in a restaurant or place where the floors can get slippery. Women who prefer a slight heel might consider Mary Janes for a classic look with an adjustable fit.

9. Made for wide feet

Made for wide feet

Working a stand-all-the-time job can be painful, especially if you have wide feet. It’s difficult to find supportive footwear for wide feet. Rockport has you covered. This brand offers a wide selection of comfortable pairs. They use advanced technology so all this comfort doesn’t come with extra weight.

8. Moccasins


Function matters in shoes for people on their feet all day. Sturdy moccasins are a timeless design you can wear in just about any professional environment. The rubber outsole is slip-resistant and soft fabric lining prevents blisters caused by rubbing.

7. Heavy duty

Heavy duty

There are on-your-feet jobs where you can sneak in some rest time sitting down and then there are intensive standing jobs. If you work the latter, you need a heavy duty pair with rubber soles. Consider getting an orthotic pair designed to meet those needs.

6. Clogs


Stylish clogs are one of the go-to shoes for people on their feet all day. They’re shaped to support your arches and cradle without confining feet. This simple style is an ideal walking shoe if you have foot or back pain. If you’re not used to this design, break them in before wearing them to work.

5. Working women’s shoes

Working women’s shoes

Sketchers and other reliable brands offer a handful of designs for working women. As you can see, they’re not the stuff fashion shows are made of, but they’re made to preserve joint and foot health. Made from thin leather, they cup the foot so you might forget you’re wearing them.

4. Flats for pros

Flats for pros

A perfect professional shoe has three main checkpoints. It’s made from a soft, durable material, has memory foam or other super cushy insole and a shock absorbing bottom. Supportive flats don’t put pressure on the arches and the really good ones feel more like your favorite slippers than work footwear.

3. Nurse shoes

Nurse shoes

You don’t have to be a nurse to enjoy the ultra comfortable work shoes made just for them. You’ll feel like you’re walking on clouds. Best of all they come in fun designer prints. These shoes are typically lightweight with padded insteps and pillowtop insoles. Plus the bottoms are totally slip-resistant.

2. Oxfords


In the men’s casual footwear, find maximum support in a well made pair of casual Oxfords. Remember, not any brand will do. You want a pair with air circulation, so look for an inner lining made from a moisture absorbent, breathable material. Don’t stop there. Protect your knees, back and hips with soles that have shock absorption.

1. Tennis shoes

Tennis shoes

Standing for several hours at a time puts serious pressure on your arches and heels. Tennis shoes are made to provide lightweight comfort to athletes who are constantly on their toes. They have a broad toe box to relieve pressure and adjustable features like Velcro, laces or simple straps.

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