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Best of … style for big men

Written by: Editorial Staff

June 21, 2012
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style for big menContributed by Info Guru Heather Vecchioni

Just because you’re a big guy, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice good style.

Gone are the days when guys that were big and tall had to walk around feeling like they should only wear what they could fit in. Today, a variety of styles for big men are available and you can look more fashionable than you ever thought possible, as long as you are wearing the right clothing.

Even though many styles are available, it doesn’t mean they all work. So take some time considering what you should wear, and you’re sure to look stylish.

Button-Down Shirts

Both casual and sophisticated

button down shirt

Button-down shirts are very forgiving. They are flattering and also help to hide not-so-desirable areas. The key here; however, is to wear a shirt that fits you perfectly. You’ll look like you’re wearing a tent if it’s too large, and you’ll just look plain silly if it’s too tight. A stylish button-down shirt is ideal for just about any situation and leaves you looking classy.


Everyone Looks Better in a Suit


You can have the worst day in the world and feel totally lousy, but if you slip on a suit, it’s almost guaranteed to make you feel good. However, you have to make sure it fits. You’ll do a huge disservice to your fashionable suit or suit separates and yourself if you wear one that is too large or too small. You’ll likely have to go to a tailor to ensure that the suit fits just right, but it will be worth the extra trip.


Adds Style While Disguising


A blazer is suitable for just about any occasion and comes in an assortment of styles for big men. Plus, it boosts the fashion quotient of just about any look, while keeping any imperfections under wraps. The stylish blazer options at Blair should fit properly, however; it shouldn’t be so big that you look like you are floating in it, but it also shouldn’t be so small that you can see the outline of your waist. Again, select what you like and then consider going to a tailor to make the fit just right, as you’ll know you are wearing the right size.


Skip the Skinny Jeans


Yes, tighter-fitting jeans look far better than loose jeans do; however, all big guys must stay away from skinny jeans. If you’re tall, donning skinny jeans just makes you look even more towering. And if your legs have some weight on them, these jeans only exaggerate their thickness. Instead, stick with jeans that fit you well from an American classic. Boot cuts are flattering on just about any body shape and will leave you looking super stylish.

Colors and Stripes

Yes, They Do Make a Difference

colors in clothing

You’ve probably heard that black is slimming; and if so, you heard right. Black and other dark colors make your silhouette appear more sleek, therefore, if you’re looking to tone down you can with a shirt that features a dark shade. Additionally, horizontal stripes add width to a figure, whereas, vertical stripes create the illusion of length. If you’re already wide, go with the vertical stripes. If you’re tall and skinny and looking to add some thickness to your frame, go with the horizontals.

Although there are many different styles for big men, the best thing you can wear is confidence. If you believe in yourself, you’re sure to look handsome.

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