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Best of … stylish back-to-school fashions

Written by: Editorial Staff

August 16, 2011
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One of the best of stylish back to school fashionsContributed by Tim Brugger, Top 10 Guru

Looking good this time of year means finding back-to-school fashions, ideally saving a few dollars along the way.

Sure, you can fight over aisle space with blue-haired ladies in the mall, but why?

These Best of Stylish Back-to-School Fashions will save time and money, and make sure your student arrives to class in style.

Karma t-shirt

Peace and love

One of the best of stylish back to school fashions

If my 10 year old has taught me anything, it’s that peace, love and karma are once again cool. Sure, these aren’t fit for Friday night school dances, but for everyday stylish back-to-school fashions, check out the selection of retro chic. In addition to Good Karma T’s like this one, they have an assortment of shirt prints for boys and girls.

Flirty little dress

With leggings or skinny jeans

One of the best of stylish back to school fashions

If you haven’t bounced around a catalog site yet, do you and your student a favor and spend a few minutes perusing the options. There are what seem like an endless assortment of dresses, like this racerback drop-waist. If she’s more of a jeans gal, a casual clothing store sure to please. Oh, and don’t forget to check out the summer sales. There are some great deals on shoes and dresses that’ll work just fine until winter rolls around.

Cargo shorts

Lots of pockets

One of the best of stylish back to school fashions

No one has quite figured out why kids need 14 different pockets in a pair of pants or shorts, they just do. That’s part of the reason cargo shorts like these are as popular as they are. Plus, they just make cool back-to-school fashions. As the weather cools, look for cargo pants for the older, fashionably conscious student.


Finishing touch

One of the best of stylish back to school fashions

Now, I realize not every young lady lives in scarf territory. Fear not for scarves are no longer solely for winter fashions. While thicker knits are great for pairing with heavy coats, light neckerchiefs are making a summer comeback. Available in a host of colors, prints, and textures, the best scarves are versatile enough to work with many outfits.

Fleece pullover

Easy to wear

One of the best of stylish back to school fashions

Boarding or surfing; surfing or boarding. From a back-to-school fashions perspective, these are a toss up for most boys. For the boarders, a skateboard store is a must see. In addition to all the boarding gear a kid might need, it will have a huge selection of clothes too. This Dowie Striped Sweatshirt is one of many hooded fleeces on sale. They have a great selection of shoes worth exploring as well.


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