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Things Teens Love

Written by: Editorial Staff

January 29, 2014
Filed Under Parenting 


things teens loveContributed by Info Guru Terri Wallace

Teens can be difficult to understand and, no matter how many parenting books you read, it seems that they are still some mysterious species that defies comprehension.

While the modern teen is not shy about expressing their opinion on things they dislike, finding something that they actually like can take some effort. Fortunately, years of observation and meticulous note taking has yielded some information that may help you in your quest to understand these poor, misunderstood creatures. Here are the top ten things teens love.

10. Swirly Whirly Lava Lamps

lava lamp

Swirly lights and hypnotic color are de rigueur for the stylish “teen cave.” All things retro are still hip and stylish, and these 60s throwbacks are no exception. Add a lava lamp, a bit of paisley, some door beads, and a fuzzy rug to complete the ensemble.

9. Brain Eating Zombies

Brain Eating Zombies

Zombies, those brain-hungry, tragic undead, have breathed new life into the horror genre. And the rotten masses of decayed flesh have never been more in demand. Teens love them, on t-shirts, on TV, at the movies and in their books.

8. Doctor Who

dr who

A mad man in a blue box (sometimes sporting a snazzy red fez) is the perfect hero for trendy teens. Not only is he something of an overgrown kid himself, but he regularly defies authority while helping the underdog. The fact he always seems to know what to say, and says it with such panache, is also appealing to the legions of Whovians who tune in to watch The Doctor save the world.

7. What Passes for Music


A teen without earbuds might well be an endangered species. Their love of music (or whatever is passing for music this week) is legendary. The iPod ranks just below their phone as the item that teens would “die without…no, seriously—die!”

6. Hours and Hours of Sleep

 Hours and Hours of Sleep

Teens are notorious for getting up at the crack of noon—just in time for their midday nap. You might be hard pressed to rouse them long enough to launder their sheets, but at least when your teen is sleeping he is less disagreeable.

5. Video Games

Video Games

Today’s adolescents use video games for more than just entertainment. The games are also a way to wind down after a hard day, gain knowledge and incorporate playful ways to study, and gain experiences otherwise unattainable to them.

4. A Cuppa Joe

 A Cuppa Joe

After a long night playing video games, the average teen is likely to require a cuppa joe to make it through the day. Heavily creamed, excessively sugared varieties are particularly favored… and the more caffeine the better! This might well be one of the less questionable beverages that today’s teens partake.

3. Hoodies


Hoodies might well be the official uniform of today’s teens. Throw a hoodie over jeans for a casual look, sport one in your favorite team’s colors to show your allegiance, or tie one around your waist for a make-shift jacket during those strange days when the weather can’t decide if it is crisp autumn or frigid winter.

2. Party! Party! Party!

teens partying

Teens are notorious for finding any excuse to party. Season premiere of your favorite television show? Let’s party! Big football game? Let’s party! Apocalyptic snowstorm heading your way? Let’s party!

1. Cell Phone


Perhaps the most indispensable teen item is their cell phone. Take their cell phone away for any length of time and watch the separation anxiety begin! Cell phones are basically the modern teen’s lifeline. It provides them with entertainment, information, music, games, and social interaction. And, in a pinch, they can also use it to phone their parents for extra money.


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