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Top 10 Best Hip Hop Dance Moves

Written by: Editorial Staff

March 24, 2011
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Top ten hip hop dance movesContributed by Robert Blaine, Top 10 Guru

Since the mid 80s after the movie Beat Street rocketed to fame, hip hop dance has been, without a doubt, the most popular youth dance form of the last couple decades.

With so many styles, such as popping, locking, breakdancing, tutting, gliding and robotting, the list could go on and on ‘til the early morn. However, just to pick a few essential moves and delve into the magical world of b-boys and poppers, let’s take a look at ten of the most influential, most impressive, and most popular dance moves of the hip hop generation.

Here are my top ten best hip hop dance moves. Let’s break it down!

10. Arm wave

The arm wave is the basis of the top ten best hip hop dance moves

There is no hip-hop dancing without mentioning popping. There is no popping without mentioning waves. The body wave, particularly the “arm wave,” has been a huge weapon for most poppers, allowing them to use various combinations of the move(up, down, sideways) to create dazzling displays of rhythm and groove.

9. Six-step

The six-step is one of the top ten best hip hop dance moves

Introducing the first dance move most b-boys ever learn! The “six-step” is the most staple, fundamental footwork of a breakdancer’s downrock (floor routine) before jumping (sometimes literally) into more difficult moves. Footwork is actually the most important component of successful hip hop choreography, making the shoes a dancer wears equally important. Jazz shoes or other dancewear aren’t quite right, so even the professionals opt for street sneakers. Make certain your sneakers are clean and supportive. How tightly you lace them is up to you. Hot colors in combination with black are part of the hip hop code.

8. Windmill

The windmill is one of the top ten best hip hop dance moves

This very popular dance move was actually invented from a mistake. A b-boy was struggling to perform another move, the baby freeze, but happened to fall on his arm and roll, hence giving birth to the “windmill.” Let’s hope he didn’t roll anything else.

7. Running man

The running man is one of the top ten best hip hop dance moves

The “running man” is fairly easy, yet it requires…nothing really. If you can’t do the running man you can’t walk. However, even if it isn’t the most skillful dance to perform, one cannot deny that it’s one of the most influential hip hop dance moves of all time, thanks to MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice.

6. Freeze

The freeze is one of the top ten best hip hop dance moves

One of the greatest moves in breakdance is known as the “freeze,” which is usually an exclamation mark to end a dancer’s routine. In this move, the dancer “freezes” into a pose, suspending himself either on his head, shoulders but rarely his feet. Some freezes include the famous baby freeze, the turtle freeze, the elbow freeze, the chair freeze and the handglide freeze, all very dangerous if the dancer “thaws” too soon, yet, all quite exciting to watch if the dancer executes them well.

5. The coffee grinder (or helicopter)

The coffee grinder is one of the top ten best hip hop dance moves

With this fun, simple dance move, you can kill at parties without killing yourself. And the good thing is that it really looks as if you’re doing something difficult!

4. Happy feet

Happy feet is one of the top ten best hip hop dance moves

Also known as the “C-Walk,” this move is tricky, yet after the basics are learned, it can be quite easy. Not many know how impressive this move is. In fact, this move has opened so many doors to other elaborate footwork patterns, including Michael Jackson’s “spot shimmy” or “3 step.”

3. Chest pop

The chest pop is one of the top ten best hip hop dance moves

The “chest pop” or “chest hit,” is simply a dance move where a dancer physically mimics his own heart beat pulsating inside his chest. I don’t know why I said “simply.”

2. Turtle

The turtle is one of the top ten best hip hop dance moves

You have to be reptilian strong to do the “turtle,” which is why its name is appropriate. Only the better b-boys can do the turtle, but only the best b-boys can do it well.

1. Moonwalk

The moonwalk is on the list of top ten hip hop dance moves

That’s one small step for Michael Jackson, one giant leap for anyone else. Popularized by the King of Pop, the “moonwalk” remains one of the smoothest moves of the last century and a perfect thriller for an oiled dance floor.

And it don’t stop…


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