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Top 10 Big Guy Shopping Tips

Written by: Editorial Staff

March 29, 2012
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A list of the top ten big guy shopping tipsContributed by Paul Seaburn, Top 10 Guru

You’re a big guy – you like big cars, big steaks, big games and big paychecks.

What you don’t like is shopping for big clothes. Outfits for the big guy – whether you’re big in height, girth or both – are difficult to find in many men’s clothing stores. The big and tall shops have them, but being a big guy doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a big ‘fashion’ guy, and the sales clerks aren’t always much help beyond pointing you to the fitting room and taking your credit card.

Never fear – here are some shopping tips to help the big guy look good.

10. Shop with a friend

A list of the top ten big guy shopping tips

Take along someone you trust, like a woman who will be honest with you or, better yet, a fellow big guy who dresses like you’d like to. Either way, listen to what they have to say.

9. The fit is it

A list of the top ten big guy shopping tips

Trust your fashion friend to help you pick out the right style, then trust your tailor to make it fit. Too tight makes you look fat, while too loose makes you look frumpy. A good tailor can make the adjustments needed when your upper half and lower half aren’t in sync.

8. “In” isn’t the same as “big”

A list of the top ten big guy shopping tips

While the latest new look is hot and sexy when it’s on a fashion model or the kids at the club, it can take on an unflattering new “dimension” on a big guy. Go with what looks good on you first, then add an accessory like a big, stylish men’s watch or other detail that works for you.

7. More hem for him

A list of the top ten big guy shopping tips

Wear your pants longer and you’ll look taller and thinner. Casual pants should almost touch the ground and dress trousers should be no more than a half inch above the heel of your shoe.

6. Don’t get waisted

A list of the top ten big guy shopping tips

To take attention away from your waist and hip area, look for low-rise pants – they have a shorter distance between the waistband and the crotch than regular pants. Make sure the waistband is high enough to go around your waist so your stomach doesn’t hang over your belt – it looks unkempt and makes your legs look smaller. And avoid pleated pants – they make your pelvis look like the no-longer-thin Elvis.

5. Empty your pockets

A list of the top ten big guy shopping tips

You clothes don’t need anything bulging out that isn’t part of you, so empty your pants and jacket pockets. Shop for a thin wallet or a thinner phone, or stash these things in your messenger bag, computer bag or packback. A good tailor will sew extra pockets shut or even remove them for you – that way you won’t be able to forget and stuff them. As a plus, empty or removed pockets slim the outfit as well.

4. Hold the bold

A list of the top ten big guy shopping tips

Your personality may be big and loud but your clothes shouldn’t match it. Bold patterns, bright colors and big designs will make you stand out – not in a good way. Dark and solid colors draw less unwanted attention and can actually make a big guy look thinner.

3. Make them look up

To get people to avoid looking at your waist and hips, catch their attention with something higher. A bright tie, a stylish open-collar shirt or a V-neck sweater over a colorful T-shirt will have them looking up to you. And don’t forget to smile – it’s the most inexpensive fashion tip around.

2. Stripes only go one way

A list of the top ten big guy shopping tips

Looking taller makes big guys look thinner, so always wear vertical stripes. That means pinstripe suits and vertical striped or corduroy pants. Another way to look taller is by wearing pants the same color as your shirt or jacket. Think of that solid color as one long vertical strip.

1. Don’t forget the shoes

A list of the top ten big guy shopping tips

OK, your feet may not be big, but if there’s one thing that women notice above (or should we say below) all else – it’s shoes. To draw attention away from the rest of you, spend a little extra for good-looking, high-quality shoes and keep them clean and shined.


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