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Top 10 Bride and Father Dance Songs

Written by: Editorial Staff

June 11, 2012
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father daughter dance songsContributed by Info Guru Jennifer Andrews

The act of marriage is a special event between husband and wife as well as families and friends in attendance.

Traditional weddings usually involve a church ceremony and a reception where guests listen to speeches, enjoy good food and dance. In addition to the anticipated just-married dance between partners is also the father and bride dance played to a special and meaningful song. Check out the following top 10 bride and father dance songs to set the mood for your own wedding!

10. My Father’s Eyes

My Father’s Eyes

Amy Grant sings My Father’s Eyes, a touching bride and father dance song that will leave you and your guests in happy tears.

9. Butterfly Kisses

Butterfly Kisses

Bring back childhood memories with the bride and father dance song Butterfly Kisses performed by Bob Carlisle. The title track refers to the kisses that a daughter’s eyelashes make against her father’s skin when cuddled up together.

8. Ready, Set, Don’t Go

Ready, Set, Don’t Go

Real-life father-daughter duo Billy Ray and Miley Cyrus collaborate together on this hit song that details a father’s difficulty in letting his little girl go.

7. I Hope You Dance

I Hope You Dance

Lea Ann Womack’s I Hope You Dance moved people world-wide and set country and pop-charts ablaze. The sweet lyrics are perfect for a bride and father dance song on such a momentous occasion.

6. I Loved Her First

I Loved Her First

This moving song from Heartland hit number one on the Billboard Country charts in 2006. Since then it has been steadily popular as a father and bride dance song fit for a wedding.

5. My Little Girl

My Little Girl

Leave it to country crooner and father of three Tim McGraw to belt out a bride and father dance song that cuts straight to the heart.

4. I Will Always Love You

I Will Always Love You

Top hit-maker I Will Always Love You is revered by millions across the globe. Listen to Whitney Houston’s powerfully haunting voice for your own bride and father dance song.

3. Wind beneath My Wings

Wind beneath My Wings

Grammy award-winning Bette Midler belted out this hit song which has been a regular on the wedding dance-song circuit. Country music fans may want to check out Garry Morris’ rendition of the song done a few years prior to Midler.

2. The Way You Look Tonight

The Way You Look Tonight

Wedding songs selected for the bride and father should have a feel-good aura about them that brings up good memories and happy thoughts for the future. Old-school music lovers will appreciate the beauty in Frank Sinatra’s version of The Way You Look Tonight.

1. Dance With My Father

Dance With My Father

A song with the title Dance with My Father is as good as it gets when looking for the ideal father-daughter wedding dance song. Luther Vandross’ song was inspired by his own soulful memories of dancing with his pop.

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