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Top 10 Careers that Require No Degree

Written by: Editorial Staff

February 25, 2011
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Contributed by Cindi Pearce, Info Guru

Not every career requires a degree. Many have succeeded quite well, thank you, without that piece of paper hanging on their wall.

Here are the top 10 careers that require no degree (although some of them, you might want to think long and hard about before pursuing):

10. Career criminal

This doesn’t require any education (or brains) at all and will ultimately get you three squares a day and a tiny room in the inn. The profits of being a career criminal may be great, temporarily, but it eventually catches up with you. This is not a recommended profession, although the pay might be good (for awhile).

9. Gaming manager

If you’ve got gambling in your blood and know how to do it but, better yet, know how to manage other people who are doing it become a gaming manager that oversees a casino. This pays more than $60K a year and could be very interesting.

8. Border patrol

If you live close to the border you might consider becoming a customs and immigration inspector. This job pays more than $50,000 a year. Of course, you may get caught in some lethal border crossfire, so take that into consideration before signing on.

7. Virtual assistant

If you have great secretarial skills and know everything there is to know about technology you may be a shoo-in as a virtual assistant. You don’t need a degree for this, and you can make up to $60 per hour, which is certainly enticing, and work in the privacy of your home in your jammies. Sign me up!

6. Couch potato

Do you know anybody who has made a career out of this? Yeah, we all know at least one. He’s the guy whose body imprint is so deeply stamped into the sofa that it will never be removed from his (mother’s) couch. This is the guy who has great dreams and aspirations and tells everyone else what they should be doing, but he just can’t seem to get a move on. Some of these couch potatoes actually have degrees, which makes their potato-dom even more pitiful. However, as long as they’ve got a sponsor (mom and dad are paying the bills), apparently it’s good work if you can get it.

5. Dictator, king, queen or tyrant

Of course the word has it that Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi’s dictator-in-waiting son Saif al-Islam has a PhD, although you could never tell by his oratory skills. Queen Elizabeth II doesn’t have a degree other than in royal-dom but her son Prince Charles does. Hitler quit high school at age 16. He wanted to become a painter but that never panned out; too bad for us. He was, apparently, diabolically brilliant.

4. Law enforcement

Police officers and detectives do not need a degree, although some have them. They can make near $64K a year, which isn’t bad, although they do dodge bullets, which might give you pause.

3. Air traffic controller

You do not need a degree to be an air traffic controller, which is rather surprising considering the huge responsibility this job commands. These men and women can make more than $100,000 a year. This is one of the highest paid professions that you can get without a college degree. Of course, the stress that goes along with the job might be off-putting to you.

2. Microsoft CEO

Bill Gates doesn’t have a degree, and it didn’t hamper him a bit.

1. Motherhood

Many, many women have made a career out of this, and some have done it quite notably. You don’t need a degree for this job, although you will be expected to be versatile; flexible and on the clock 24/7. This job is not for the faint of heart. You will be required to perform the services of a birthing machine, wet nurse, nanny, cook, laundress, nurse/doctor, chauffeur, companion, peace-maker, teacher, linguist, chaperone, shrink, referee, problem-solver and interventionist. The pay isn’t very good, but it can be extremely rewarding.


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