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Top 10 Celebrities With Hair Extensions

Written by: Editorial Staff

June 26, 2012
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hair extensionsContributed by Info Guru Paul Seaburn

I don’t have much of my own hair left so the idea of hair extensions sounds appealing. But in Hollywood, it’s not just the hair-challenged who are sporting extensions and wigs.

The fact is, some of today’s top performers owe their glorious tresses to something they clip on, weave in or slip on! If you’re considering an extension, here are some role models to lead you down the road to more hair, from here to there.

10. Victoria Beckham

victoria beckham

Victoria Beckham didn’t need hair extensions when she was Posh Spice but before she went with her short bob, and while her husband David was bending it like Beckham, she extended it big time. Whether you prefer her short ‘do or long locks, she knows that clip in hair creates options.

9. Britney Spears

britney spears

Once bald, always controversial, Britney Spears, the Princess of Pop likes to clip some extra hair in her blonde locks. Or pink. Or red. Maybe black? Who knows, when it comes to the always changing Ms. Spears!

8. Fergie


That’s not a monster in her closet – it just one of Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie’s super luxe hair extensions. Consider this look if you want to banish those door-to-door sales people once and for all…or throw fear into the hearts of the other PTA moms!

7. Beyonce


Will singer Beyonce show new daughter Blue Ivy Carter the secrets of human hair weaves? She’ll probably say, “It’s your destiny, child.” (Yeah, I know, rotten tomatoes, all the way. Just don’t get it on my weave!)

6. Steven Tyler

<steven tyler

Aerosmith singer and American Idol judge Steven Tyler adds to his already eccentric looks with hair extensions made from feathers. Work perfectly to set off that eye liner and the rest of his, er, um unique look.

5. Naomi Campbell

naomi campbell

Supermodel Naomi Campbell’s super looks and super shape are real, but those long tresses are definitely extensions. I know! A shocker that a model is sporting anything that isn’t 100% natural! Who would have guessed???

4. Lindsey Lohan

lindsay lohan

Mean girls made fun of Lindsey Lohan’s blonde locks so she added some extensions to keep them away. Too bad they don’t keep her out of trouble. Hmmm…maybe a new market…sure beats ankle alarms, right?

3. Jewel


If her rodeo champion husband Ty Murray dreams of his bull-riding days, let’s hope he doesn’t reach over and hold on to singer Jewel’s augmented locks. Can you say middle-of-the-night shocker?

2. The Kardashians


If you’re keeping up with the Kardashians styles, you won’t be surprised to know that Khloe, Kourtney and Kim lengthen their locks with long sleek clip-ons. I never would have guessed! (No, I’m not crossing my fingers! Really!)

1. Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera

Just like those Mickey Mouse ears extended her real ones, Christina Aguilera has some help extending her real tresses too. Wonder if that’s what inspired her song “Bionic” (…we have the technology. We can make her hair bigger, better, stronger… oops! Wrong media reference!)


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