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Top 10 Cheerleader Movies

Written by: Editorial Staff

June 3, 2011
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A list of the top ten cheerleader moviesContributed by Robert Blaine, Top 10 Guru

Cheerleaders are exciting to watch. Most cheerleader movies aren’t, though.

And although Hollywood has continued to glorify these often ditzy chicks, it’s not as often that any of us really care about the “plight” of the hot cheerleader. However, some have actually entertained us well.

Let’s count down the top ten best cheerleader movies of the past few decades. And don’t accuse me of being unfair if most of these movies have very little dialogue.

10. Cheerleader Camp

One of the top ten cheerleader movies

For those who like slasher films, Cheerleader Camp is a creepy movie about a cheerleader who dreams about ridiculous murders until they start happening in real life at camp. Sound played out? Not in 1988. In fact, this was probably one of the first of these movies, which is why it’s still one of the more memorable cheerleader flicks.

9. Bring It On Again

One of the top ten cheerleader movies

You will see these titles quite a bit in this list. The sequel to the hit Bring it On, Bring it On Again does just what its title hints at. The girls take on a new challenge, this time in college instead of high school, where they must compete for a national cheer championship. Lacking the star cast from its original, Bring it On Again was less successful than its prequel, yet still worth a mention on this list.

8. Can’t Buy Me Love

One of the top ten cheerleader movies

Love don’t cost a thing. But popularity does. Ask Ke$ha’s promoter. The story of an uncool nerd who bribes a hot cheerleader into pretending to be his girlfriend in a vain attempt to become popular may be the oldest movie on this list, but is nonetheless a fun film about teen issues and self esteem. This 1987 movie starring Patrick Dempsey and Amanda Peterson was remade in 2003 as Love Don’t Cost a Thing, starring Nick Cannon and Christina Milian.

7. Bring It On 4: In It To Win It

One of the top ten cheerleader movies

I’m going to have to “bring it on” yet again. This series of cheerleader movies stood out so well in its category it would be unfair to leave any one of them out. Perhaps the only difference between In it to Win it and its prequels is that the rivals aren’t black. Nonetheless for a cheerleader movie, it’s another hit.

6. Fired Up!

One of the top ten cheerleader movies

Guys cheerleading? Got any mops? Even so, there is no doubt that Fired Up! is one of the most interesting cheerleader movies to date. This popular 2009 movie about two football players who become cheerleaders to hit on girls will make viewers laugh and fathers cry.

5. Bring It On 5: Fight to the Finish

One of the top ten cheerleader movies

Christina Milian has been on quite a few cheerleader movies, hasn’t she? The last sequel to the Bring it On series, Fight to the Finish changes up the story a little bit. This time a ‘hood girl moves to the suburbs and battles against preppy chicks on her way to an All Star Championship title.

4. Sugar and Spice

One of the top ten cheerleader movies

Sugar & Spice’s plot has more spice than sugar. After a high school cheerleader gets pregnant, her cheer friends plot to rob a bank to support her and the baby. Thus, this madcap comedy escalates when a rival cheerleader finds out about the scheme and tries to stop them.

3. Bring It on 3: All or Nothing

One of the top ten cheerleader movies

Like its prequels, Bring it On: All or Nothing involves suburban cheerleaders, surprise boyfriends and sassy African-American rivals on a dream chase to a national championship. Only this time, these ladies can krump. Starring Hayden Panettiere, Solange Knowles and even Rihanna, this sequel was yet another hit on the series, being one of the most successful straight-to-DVD features ever.

2. Man of the House

One of the top ten cheerleader movies

Yes! Cheerleaders who are legal adults! Man of the House is a fish-out-of-water story of a group of gorgeous Texas Longhorns cheerleaders who, after witnessing a murder, are sent to live with an old stoic police officer (Tommy Lee Jones) for protection. The girls not only manage to warm the cop’s heart, but they also managed to warm some seats in movie theaters with all the miniskirts flashing on the screen.

1. Bring It On

One of the top ten cheerleader movies

The Titanic of all cheerleader movies, Bring it On takes us full blast into the life of a cheerleader, following a suburban cheer team, the Toros who find out that all their moves were stolen from a shady East Compton team, the Clovers. The girls feud and romance brews as the teams fight for the regional and national cheer championships. Starring Kirsten Dunst, Eliza Dushku and Gabrielle Union, Bring it On is certainly the cheerleader movie of all cheerleader movies.


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