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Top 10 Company Outings

Written by: Editorial Staff

June 12, 2012
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company outingContributed by Info Guru Paul Seaburn

A wise manager once told me that the secret to a successful company is to hire people you’d like to become friends with … and then become friends with them.

Company outings are a great way to reward employees while getting to better know them and their families. You learn a lot about people by how they are with spouses and children. Company outings can be as simple as a picnic or as elaborate as a chartered vacation.

Here are a few examples to help choose which one is right for your company.

10. Catered Party

catered party

A mainstay of the Christmas season, catered parties at a hall or hotel are simple and economical ways to commemorate a big win, give out rewards or celebrate a different holiday. Keep the costs down with a cash bar for beer and wine and let the venue do the bartending to keep things monitored. Add a DJ for some music and dancing. You can host a catered party at any time of the year, and discounts are often available when it’s not holiday time.

9. Company Picnic

company picnic

A company picnic can be as simple as having everyone bring their own picnic baskets to a local park or as elaborate as a day-long outing at an amusement park or zoo. If it’s a do-it-yourself affair, plan some games for kids and a friendly softball or volleyball contest for the adults. Don’t forget to make a backup plan for inclement weather.

8. Dinner and Entertainment

dinner and entertainment

A pleasant meal at an upscale restaurant followed by a theatrical show is a nice outing for employees and spouses. Dinner theaters combine both in one location and can be a lot of fun. Keep the show light – musicals and comedies are best – so you don’t end the evening with a dramatic downer. Be careful with comedy clubs – they’re not for the easily-offended.

7. Sporting Event

sporting event

Nothing says bonding like rooting for the hometown team, so a company outing to a professional sporting event in town is a great way to get everyone in the habit of yelling for the same thing. Make it a group effort with imprinted company t-shirts or caps for your “team.” Team management will help organize the event and can provide an economical box lunch before the game or an elaborate (and expensive) catered dinner in a private box. To really reward top employees, consider a trip to a major event like the Super Bowl or the Masters Golf Tournament.

6. Casino Night

casino night

Nothing helps employees forget a day of risk-taking than a night of more risk-taking. Casinos aren’t just for Las Vegas and Atlantic City anymore. They’re one-stop entertainment centers with gambling, restaurants and nightclubs. Give employees free tickets to events and dinners and a few free gambling tokens and send them on their way. For a family event, hold a casino night with prizes instead of money and decorate your venue with casino-theme table props.

5. Golf

golf outing

Golf has been the traditional company outing for as long as there have been company outings, but it was typically a male-only affair. That has changed now that more women have taken up the sport more country clubs cater to them. A golf outing is a great way to open a conference, giving employees from other cities a chance to meet or get reacquainted. Order imprinted golf balls for everyone and send out the foursomes.

4. Retreats and Seminars

retreats and seminars

Retreats give employees a chance to relax and recharge their batteries while seminars provide time for strategizing, learning new things and getting motivated. These are often held at resorts so that it’s also a reward outing, complete with certificates, award plaques and other performance recognitions. Meeting planners and resort staffs can help you plan the event, line up speakers and provide entertainment if spouses come along.

3. Cruises


Day or evening cruises on a lake or river combine good food, entertainment (gambling in some areas) and fresh air all in one location. The major cruise lines offer weekend to one week cruises for a more elaborate and expensive outing. Some cruise agencies specialize in corporate and incentive cruises, which can maximize your team building agenda. Cruises often offer guest speakers, seminars and team-building activities if you want to make it into a working getaway.

2. Charity Event

charity event

Rather than elaborate and expensive outings to celebrate and reward employees, many companies are now opting for having workers participate in charity events to promote gratitude and good corporate citizenry. Distributing dinners at a soup kitchen, hosting a picnic for sick kids or volunteering at a fundraiser are just some of the many charity outings. Check with local charities for more ideas.

1. Team-Building Event

team building

If your company is growing fast or going through changes, a team-building outing is just the thing to give employees a chance to learn how to work together and deal with adversities in a safe environment. Resorts and conference centers offer everything from simple competitive games to survivalist excursions like white-water rafting to exotic activities like hot coal walking. Work with a meeting planner or teamwork consultant to pick the right one for your needs and budget.

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