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Top 10 Cool Stickers Ideas

Written by: Editorial Staff

December 21, 2010
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Contributed by Rachelle Dawson, Info Guru

Stickers can decorate notebooks, cards, and paper crafts. Other places to use stickers include personal property, clothing and charts.

Personalized labels or stickers allow even very young children to mark their names and participate in activities that might normally be reserved for children old enough to write.

Where can you use stickers and labels? Here are ten cool stickers ideas:

10. Thank you cards

Many parents want to instill the habit of saying thank-you for Christmas and birthday gifts when the children are young, but most toddlers haven’t learned to write yet. You can dictate for your children and allow them to position a personalized sticker at the end in place of a signature. Or start with blank note cards and let the kids decorate the front of the card with colorful stickers and markers.

9. Chore charts

If you use chore charts to help your kids take care of responsibilities around the home, let your young kids help in the planning process. Use pictures and stickers to represent the chores, and allow your children to place the stickers in the appropriate places on the chart.

You can start with a pre-printed chore chart, or use a blank erasable responsibility chart to create a custom version for your family. If you use the erasable version, use static stickers so you can remove them and move them around.

8. Basic notepad

Transform a basic school notebook into kid-approved accessory by adding with a few stickers and a personalized label at the top. Not only will it reflect their style, the stickers will make it easy to tell from other kids’ notebooks in school.

7. Gift Tags

Not all places to use stickers are about involving your kids. If you have several children and lots of little gifts at Christmas, writing out gift tags can take a long time. Instead, wrap the gifts and add personalized stickers on the appropriate gifts for each child. As a plus, kids can use the leftover stickers on their thank you notes! Everyone wins!

6. Clothing and shoes

If you take your children to events where clothes easily get lost (such as gymnastics or swim meets), a few iron-on clothes labels inside those items can keep you keep track of them. If you can’t find iron on labels, get a luandry marker and create your own “stickers” inside of the neck or seams.

5. Craft projects

If you do a lot of craft projects with your preschool child, a personalized sticker lets him “sign” the artwork even if he’s not ready to learn writing. Let each child pick out a favorite color, shape or design, then use that as their personal “signature” on everything they create or send. You know instantly know who did what art work or drew which picture whether you keep papers or send them to grandparents.

4. Books

Use personalized stickers as nameplates on books. You can use them on books you own or activity books you make for homeschooling, travel or just for fun. You can get book plates printed with each person’s name, or just buy blank ones and write in names.

3. Mistakes

Stickers work well to cover mistakes in scrapbooking, paper crafts, coloring pages, or other worksheets. Sometimes the new outcome looks even better than the original idea. (Yeah, I meant to put that sticker there! Really I did!)

2. Wall art

Walls are one of the more recently discovered places to use stickers. Removable wall art stickers can create a fun look that isn’t permanent in your child’s room. They also give children an easier way to participate in decorating.

1. Toothbrushes

Do your kids ever get their toothbrushes mixed up, despite different colors? Get rid of that problem with personalized waterproof stickers.


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