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Top 10 Extravagant Truffle Recipes

Written by: Editorial Staff

March 17, 2011
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A list of the top ten extravagant truffles recipesContributed by Marnely Rodriguez, Top 10 Guru

Truffles come in all shapes and sizes, normally either black or white and deriving from there. Typically found in France, Italy and the Middle East, truffles are as prized as diamonds and valued by their weight/size.

In Italy, the great White Alba truffle resides, preferably used uncooked as to not lose any aroma or flavor. France, home of the Diamond de Perigord (black truffle) provides a lovely chocolate aroma and adds earthy notes to your dishes. The Terfez truffle, found in the Middle East, is currently the most abundant.

Here is my list of the top ten extravagant truffle recipes:

10. Truffled toast

Simple toast can become an extravagant truffle recipe

A great addition to any breakfast, Truffled toast can be simply made by drizzling Truffle Oil over the warm toast.

9. Truffle fries

Truffle fries are an east and extravagant truffle recipe

Instead of salting your French fries with regular salt, use a Black Truffle infused sea salt to had flare to a typical side dish.

8. Truffle burger

A truffle burger is an extravagant truffle recipe

Grilled gourmet Burgers are quickly elevated to Truffle heaven with either a few shaved Truffle slices or a thin spread of Truffle Paste on the bun mixed with a simple condiment such as Mayonnaise.

7. Pork chops with truffles

Add truffles to pork chops for an extravagant truffle recipe

Cook your Pork Chops as usual and use the same pan to reduce into a sauce by deglazing with wine and garnishing with herbs. Slice a few truffle shavings after removing from heat and serve over the pork chops. Use a Heritage Pork chop for even more intense flavors.

6. Pea and truffle risotto

Risotto with truffles is an extravagant truffle recipe

Risotto, like pasta, is another great vehicle for Truffle and can be added at different stages of risotto making. Choices possible: use truffle juice mixed with stock to simmer your risotto in; drizzle with Truffle oil at the end of cooking; shave Fresh Truffles before serving. The possibilities are endless!

5. Truffled macaroni and cheese

An extravagant macaroni and cheese recipe includes truffles

Nothing says comfort food more than Macaroni and Cheese and the best way to make comfort food into rich, aromatic meals is by adding a touch of Truffle Oil. Cook your Mac & Cheese as usual and drizzle with Truffle Oil before serving. When the oil hits the hot, cheesy pasta, the Truffle oil will float above you like a lovely cloud of joy.

4. Truffle roasted farm chicken

Chicken with truffles is an extravagant recipe

Chicken lends itself well to Truffle products because the fat on the skin will crisp even better and more flavorful with a dash of Truffle Oil. Try stuffing the skin (between the skin and the meat) with truffle paste for a more visual effect!

3. Gnocchi with truffles

Combine gnocchi and truffles in an extravagant recipe

Pasta is the best vehicle for a gem such as Truffles. Light, fluffy clouds of gnocchi are kissed at the end with thin shavings of Summer White Italian Truffles. These shavings will hide among the gnocchi and surprise with each bite.

2. Seared scallops in truffle oil

Sear scallops in truffle oil for an extravagant recipe

Delicate proteins such as Scallops will absorb the great flavor of infused Truffle oil, permeating throughout. Another possibility would be to marinate them in the Truffle oil, as to infuse even more flavor.

1. Grilled lobster with truffle butter

Grilled lobster served with truffle butter is an extravagant recipe

Lobster is one of the most luxurious foods, typically consumed during special events. Make it even more special by incorporating Truffle Butter over the warm chunks of sweet Maine lobster meat. The earthiness of the black truffle will balance the delicate lobster perfectly.

Buy truffles according to the use you will give them and they will surely not disappoint! Savor their fragrance, texture and taste and appreciate the work that went into searching for these hidden gems.

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