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Top 10 Grooms Wedding Speeches

Written by: Editorial Staff

March 7, 2012
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A list of the top ten grooms wedding speechesContributed by Heather Vecchioni, Top 10 Guru

You’ve snagged the partner of your dreams and made it official, but you’ve not done your wedding duties yet.

A fabulous wedding always includes a speech from the groom. Since you don’t want to make a fool out of yourself, you’ll need to say something that is interesting, funny and from the heart. To ensure you let everyone know just what a catch you are, you’ll have to include certain features that make your speech a hit.

And fortunately, you can borrow them from this list of the top ten groom’s wedding speeches.

10. Thank Your Groomsmen

A list of the top ten grooms wedding speeches

They stood next to you during the ceremony, threw you a killer bachelor party and even dressed up in tuxedos. So it’s only right to give your groomsmen props for being there for you. Thank them as a group, making sure you say their names, or thank them individually. Either way, they’ll be grateful for the appreciation.

9. Thank Your Best Man

A list of the top ten grooms wedding speeches

You picked this guy to stand right next to you during your special day, so it’s a pretty safe bet he’s something special. Let everyone else know just how great he is by giving him a special thanks for all he’s done. Besides, it should be pretty comical to see his face get red when all the guests look his way.

8. Thank the Bridesmaids

A list of the top ten grooms wedding speeches

They’ve kept your partner sane throughout the whole wedding process, so you’ve got to give your bridesmaids a message of thanks. Start off by saying something like “Apart from my new wife, there are a few special women here: the bridesmaids.” Again, thank them as a group or individually. Not only will you make your wife happy, you’ll earn a spot in their hearts forever, too.

7. Thank the Maid of Honor

A list of the top ten grooms wedding speeches

When the wedding planning process got tough, she was likely the one your fiancé turned to. The maid of honor had a variety of responsibilities in preparation for your special day, so give her a big old thank you. After all, she probably took a brunt of the stress – and work – off of you.

6. Thank the Rest of Your Bridal Party

A list of the top ten grooms wedding speeches

From your ushers to the ring bearer and flower girl; they all deserve a bit of recognition. Call them out by name and even have them stand up so they can get a round of applause for their hard work. Without them, your wedding wouldn’t be as fabulous as it was.

5. Keep Things Funny

A list of the top ten grooms wedding speeches

No one likes to sit through a long, boring speech – even if it is your own wedding. Keep your guests – and your bride – laughing by infusing some humor into your speech. Something like “My speech will be like a miniskirt; long enough to cover the essentials, yet short enough to hold your attention.” You’re sure to get a laugh or two and keep the audience interested.

4. Tell Cute Anecdotes

A list of the top ten grooms wedding speeches

It’s your wedding day, so it’s appropriate to give some cute details. Talk about how you met or share how you proposed. You can even talk about the embarrassing time she did this or that, but as long as it ends in “and that’s what makes me love her so much.” And don’t worry about being too mushy; it’s your wedding day so lay it on.

3. Thank Your Parents

A list of the top ten grooms wedding speeches

They put up with you for all those years, so they definitely deserve some recognition. Not to mention, they’ve made you the wonderful you man you are today. So have them stand and get a round of applause – they’ve earned it. It’s a nice idea to present them each with a small gift at this time… choose something sentimental that will remind them of the day their little boy got married.

2. Thank Her Parents

A list of the top ten grooms wedding speeches

You don’t want to start out on the wrong foot with your in-laws, so make sure you include them in your speech. Thank them for raising such a wonderful daughter and allowing you to marry her. And don’t forget to thank them for any contributions they’ve made to the wedding.

1. Thank Your Wife

A list of the top ten grooms wedding speeches

She’s probably put her heart and soul into the wedding for the last few months, so make sure you let her know how appreciative you are for all her hard work. Remember to tell her just how gorgeous she looks and how happy she makes you. And throw in the reasons why she is the one for you just for good measure. Letting her know she is what makes your life so special is the most important aspect of grooms wedding speeches, and is sure to get you a nice smooch as a result.

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