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Top 10 Home Decorating Project Ideas

Written by: Editorial Staff

February 22, 2011
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Contributed by Rose Garland, Info Guru

Our homes are havens from the stress of work and life, and should accentuate the personalities and personal tastes of the people in the home.

While everyone has different tastes from traditional to modern, these home decorating project ideas will work for everyone.

Not creative? Many of these steps can be done by the less creative for a maximum style impact.

Here are my top ten home decorating project ideas:

10. Remodel the front door

If buying a new front door isn’t an option, consider remodeling your door by painting it, or adding molding in a contrasting trim color. See what one family did to give their house some extra pizzazz here.

9. Molding

Molding and wainscoting is a simple and easy addition to a home, and can bring elegance and character to a drab, lifeless room. Molding doesn’t have to be used just for floors or ceilings; you can put it around a fireplace or even just on your walls for some added texture.

8. Paint

There are so many ways to paint your walls, from color washing, to faux painting, rag-rolling, metallic leafing, stenciling, or even painting a mural. If you don’t feel artistic, you can always opt for a ready-to-install wall mural. You can select scenery, movie images, kids’ decorations or faux architectural features. All you have to do is hang it like wallpaper. No paint-splatters and no clean-up needed!

7. Lighting

A house can be beautiful, but without the correct lighting and best lighting fixtures for your space, no one will know. Illuminate special accents with beautiful lamp shades you buy or make yourself.

6. Give your furniture a make-over

Paint old furniture, or just re-stain them. Bookcases are a smart decorating choice, as long as they’re not too cluttered. Buy new furniture or make your own like this man’s sixty minute bookcase.

5. Curtains and window treatments

Curtains and rugs really make a room personal, and there are a lot of creative, do-it-yourself ideas for curtains, including making them with recycled materials such as paper napkin valances.

4. Organize

Organizing is really the first thing to do when updating your house or specific room. Where do you want the clothes to go? How about the toys? Most likely, you will need to purchase objects to help organize your home and choose closet racks and accessories that focus on efficiency, but don’t forget that sometimes right-brained people may need a different way of organizing.

3. Door and drawer handles and light plates

Door handles, drawer handles, light plates and other small home hardware touches are an easy way to turn a look around quickly. Make them all the same handles for consistency and a clean line, or mix and match for a funkier vibe. Light plates are fun to shop for or make yourself.

2. Update counters and sinks

Although sinks and counters may be expensive to replace, there are less costly solutions. Covering up a counter with a faux marble look can be cost efficient as well as design savvy.

1. Add personal touches

The best way to update your home decorations is to add personal touches. You can try painting your rugs, or even learning how to make stained glass. If you don’t consider yourself to be artistic or creative, think geometrically. Geometric shapes can be placed together easily and stylishly.


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