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Top 10 Horse Nutrition Tips

Written by: Editorial Staff

May 24, 2012
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horse nutrition tipsContributed by Info Guru Korina Rossi

Kentucky Derby thoroughbreds, the elite athletes of the equine world, are spared no expense when it comes to training, diet, and supplements.

But with the availability of premium supplements on the market, your horse can also benefit from cutting edge nutrition. With these basic guidelines, your horse can enjoy a lifetime of good health while performing at his or her best.

Here are my top 10 horse nutrition tips:

10. Soothing Herbs


Anxiety, tension, and the jitters can assail competition horses as well as family nags. Fortunately, your horse is only a snack away from tranquility. Feeding your best buddy a calming equestrian mixture of valerian root, chamomile, and passion fruit extract—a common mixture available in most feed stores—will bring back his tranquility and confidence.

9. Juice the Joints

joint juice

Jumping over hurdles and cantering can take its toll on your horse’s joints, but help is on the way: the same scientists who developed glucosamine and chondroitin supplements for humans also created premium joint care especially for horses.

8. Feed the Coat

coat health

A diet that includes omega oils, easily digested in the form of ground flax meal, will keep your horse’s coat looking sleek underneath your cozy saddle. Make certain that your horse gets the coat-supporting supplements they need to maintain healthy skin and hair.

7. Stay Young

antioxidants for youthfulness

Don’t forget that antioxidant supplements, as vital for horses as they are for humans, will stave off mental and physical aging, keeping your horse mentally alert, engaged, and rambunctious.

6. Strengthen Hooves

hoof care

Keep hooves looking shiny and strong by infusing biotin into your horses staple feeds. Look for a full range of hoof care products as an essential part of your horse’s health care routine. Not only will you keep your horse gleaming, you’ll also keep farrier and vet bills down.

5. Pamper the Stomach


Probiotics tablets, which contain millions of the healthy flora and fauna that your horse needs to properly digest food, are an economical way to promote his digestive health. Healthy bacteria can also help clear up any minor infections your horse may have.

4. Add Fiber


Horses benefit from a supplement of psyllium to their everyday feed, which improves bowel health and regularity. Sufferers from certain disorders like sand colic will find relief from a high fiber diet.

3. Fortify with Iron


So called “blood builders,” supplements of iron and complex B vitamins, can protect your horse from anemia.

2. Energize with Electrolytes


Whether your horse is a high stepper or a family pet, keep her muscles energized with an electrolyte supplement, especially on hot days. Like a sports drink, the equine electrolytes will keep your horse functioning like the superstar you know he is.

1. Treat Allergies

allergy relief

Like the cowboys and girls that ride them, horses can also be prone to allergic reactions. So when you’re suiting up for your next trail ride, be sure to pack an equine antihistamine along with your favorite chaps.

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