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Top 10 House Warming Party Ideas

Written by: Editorial Staff

May 26, 2012
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housewarming partiesContributed by Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

Congratulations on your new home!

Now it’s time to break it in with an event you’ll always remember. You don’t have to wait until each room is just right. These events can be as small and casual as you want them to be. This is a great time to open your doors to friends and family while introducing yourself to the new neighbors.

These top ten house warming party ideas will help you plan a memorable party to kick start the good life in your new home.

10. Spicy Fiesta

spicy fiesta

There’s no need to go overboard with the decorations. People are coming to see the home you fell in love with. Find a full array of fun, affordable decorations so your house warming party feels warm and festive. String a chili pepper light set around the outdoor patio and mix up a few batches of refreshing sangria using wine, ginger ale, fruit, brandy, a splash of orange juices and a cinnamon stick.

9. Pot Luck

pot luck

After a big move, food shopping and cooking for a house full of people can be overwhelming. On the other hand, potlucks are casual and provide easy conversation starters between food lovers. Encourage guests to bring a salad dish, dessert or drink on the house warming party invitation, and plan to light up the barbecue grill for burgers and hotdogs.

8. Flaunt it

flaunt your home

Before your peeps arrive, choose a few of your home’s favorite features so you can use them as talking points to keep the tours focused and brief. Save the home’s best features, the kitchen, grand fireplace or awesome deck with views, to set the party in. Host a small brunch in your kitchen or a buffet beside the fireplace at night. Share what you know about the home because you never know who at your party may be able to tell you more about its history or architecture.

7. Game On

sports game

It only takes a few minutes for people to tour your home so if you want them to stay a while, entice them with a challenge. Games liven things up a bit, and get your peeps over that afternoon energy crash. Set out games for kids and a Frisbee, hammer a spike in the ground for a round of horse shoes and challenge new neighbors to a mini badminton or volley ball tournament.

6. Cocktail Hour

cocktail hour

A cocktail hour house warming party works year-round, night or day, and fancy drinks are the perfect accompaniment to music and mingling. Create a menu of 3- to 5 cocktails and mix them before the party in large batches. Set out each drink in a stylish beverage dispenser and prep your lemon twists and other garnishes before the first early bird arrives. It’s always good to include a non-alcoholic option like iced tea or punch for non-drinkers.

5. Sweet Wishes

offer food

Food isn’t expected at housewarming parties unless it’s a barbecue or otherwise specified on the invite. However, it’s nice to have a little something people can sink their teeth into. A few sweet ideas include making homemade cookies or cupcakes and writing your new house number in frosting, or show a touch of Southern hospitality and set out a few trays of classic southern sweets like pralines and bear claws.

4. Garden Party Theme

garden party

Make your house warming a garden party, leaving the decorations to your landscape. Typically, these imply a more formal affair than casual barbecues, and lend themselves to crafty home décor and fun vintage-inspired clothing. Offer fresh lemonade and hibiscus tea, a spread of tasty snacks (olives, nuts and finger sandwiches) and small packets of seeds or potted herbs for party favors.

3. Wine and Cheese

wine and cheese

Who can resist a wine and cheese housewarming party? Hostess duties are minimal (refresh the cheese, please!) and your guests can bring a bottle of their favorite wine or a special cheese. Once everyone gets to taste something new, the stage is set for a toast to your new home. Offer a few of your own favorites, and let the party begin!

2. Can I have s’more?

som' mores

You may be all grown up with a new home, but you’re never too old for roasting s’mores. And what better way to get to know your knew neighbors than to watch them inhale a gooey, chocolate-y delight? The beauty of s’more is you can enjoy them with delicious coffee. Class the party up by arranging marshmallows on sticks before hand and setting out fancy add-ons like sea salt and cinnamon – in addition to the gourmet chocolate bars!

1. Backyard Barbecue


When the weather is nice, there’s perhaps no better way to appreciate your new outdoor space than with a backyard barbecue with your gourmet gas grill. Consider the number of guests you’re expecting and, if you don’t have enough chairs, lay out a few picnic blankets beneath a shady tree. Have buddies take turns showing off their grill skills so you can give tours and mingle when possible.


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