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Top 10 I Love You Gifts

Written by: Editorial Staff

March 8, 2011
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I love you gifts surprise and delight the recipient.Contributed by Cindi Pearce, Top 10 Guru

The ways that you can show and tell someone how much you love them varies to a great degree depending on who you love and what they love receiving as a gift or a token.

If the man of your dreams is passionate about motorcycles, that’s a good place to start. If the woman who has stolen your heart loves jewelry then you know which store you’re headed to.

The top 10 “I love you” gifts include:

10. Behave

Good behavior is an outstanding gift to show that you love someone.

Behaving yourself is a magnificent “I love you gift.” You can give this gift of good behavior to your parents, your partner and your children, and they will definitely consider this an excellent “I love you” gift. Hopefully, this time next year you will still be receiving good conduct reports.

9. Rehab the yard

Rehab the yard as a gift to your loved one.

If your loved one’s dream has long been to have the perfect oasis in her backyard, make it happen. Landscape the yard, design a water garden, plant flowers, put in a pool, create a patio and drag out the grill and tiki torches and barbeque away.

8. Food is the way to the heart

Food and gourmet kitchen ware can be the way to the heart.

If the object of your affection is a foodie, take her out to eat at somewhere fabulous where she’s never been before. Or buy her that expensive kitchen gadget she’s been drooling for over the past year. It’s also a good idea to stock up a gourmet pantry. Food is the key to a person’s heart, after all.

7. Refrain from the annoying

A thoughtful gift is a the best way to say I love you.

Swear on your honor that you will no longer eat Doritos while sitting on the white living room couch and will refrain from leaving the toilet lid up. Put it in writing and hand it to your better half. Now THAT’S a nice gift, but you better live up to your word.

6. Book it

An experience of a lifetime is a great way to show your love.

If there is something your loved one has always wanted to do, or someplace he has always wanted to go, make it happen. You can give the gift of an experience that will say “I love you” for a lifetime. Save your money, make your reservations, book a flight and off you go.

5. Jewelry

Jewelry is always an I love you gift.

Jewelry is always a wonderful token of love. There is jewelry for any occasion, formal and expensive, or sentimental and small. For your wife, a diamond band is always a good choice. With jewelry, it’s also the presentation that says “I love you.”

4. Listen to what they want

Golf equipment or a golf trip says I love you to the avid golfer.

If he has been talking about playing golf or undertaking some other kind of sports activity but has never gotten around to actually doing it buy him a membership to a club or gym or buy the appropriate sporting equipment. Golfers always need golf apparel and accessories. Cyclists can use bike gear. You get the drift. He will love you a lot for that.

3. Give her the treatment

The spa treatment always says I love you.

Give your loved one a gift certificate to an elaborate spa for the full treatment, including champagne. Or create a spa environment in your own home. Splurge and purchase the very best spa treatments, luxurious towels and environment setters. You are at your loved one’s service for the evening.

2. Get around to it

Fix the leaky faucet to say I love you.

If your wife has been yammering at you for six months to build or order and setup a dog house for the pooch, do it. She’ll be thrilled. If she’s been pleading with you to fix the leaky faucet. Fix it. If you swore that you would re-grout the kitchen tile but never have, start grouting. Till the garden for her or paint that bedroom that needs painted. A gift doesn’t need to come in a package. Giving of yourself and your time and effort can be a tremendously welcome gesture.

1. Just say it

Put your promise in writing as a gift for your loved one.

Remembering to tell and show someone that you love them, regularly, is the best gift of all. Slip a note into someone’s lunch pail or briefcase or leave a lipstick lip imprint on the bath room mirror in the a.m. for your husband. This doesn’t cost you a thing and means a whole lot to the recipient.


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