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Top 10 Internet Radio Stations

Written by: Editorial Staff

May 24, 2012
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Internet radioContributed by Info Guru Jennifer Andrews

The internet has changed technology, computers and the way human beings operate in the world since it was first originally researched in the 1960’s.

Over the years, the internet has been increasingly used as a tool to watch videos, movies, play games as well as listen to music. Ditch the radio and archaic boom-box and play music on the net with the following top 10 internet radio stations listed below.

10. Pandora


The website Pandora is only available to Americans at this time due to copyright issues. Still, it’s a favorite among its listeners thanks to a recommendation engine that suggests music based current music likes.


Try trading music playlists with other music fans online with Users can also sign up through Twitter and Facebook or with an invite from a friend.

8. Real Radio

Real Radio

Real Radio lets you select among ten thousand plus radio stations and boasts of higher-quality audio for music fans.

7. The Inferno

The Inferno

Check out The Inferno Radio for the hot musical hits of yesterday and today. This station is best for people with broad tastes of music ranging from Lady Gaga, Neil Diamond to Led Zeppelin.

6. AOL Radio

AOL Radio

Listen to AOL Radio and choose from over 200 free music stations as well as sporting and news stations.

5. Online Radio Stations

Online Radio Stations

Check out Online Radio Stations where registered users can create and play their own playlists according to personal likes and genres.

4. Yahoo! Music

Yahoo! Music

Amongst the most popular net-based stations lies Yahoo! Music which also boasts related video stations in addition to radio music channels.

3. SHOUTcast


Access thousands of free online radio stations from free online radio website SHOUTcast. Users can see what music is playing on each channel as well how many people are listening.

2. 1.FM


Internet radio station 1.FM features 39 different radio stations and lets users choose from genres such as hip, classical rock and Top 40 hits.

1. AccuRadio


Radio lovers can choose from over 250 channels of music on AccuRadio and listen to the likes of Gaga or Sheryl Crowe.

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