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Top 10 Items for Your Wedding Checklist

Written by: Editorial Staff

February 8, 2011
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Contributed by Cindi Pearce, Info Guru

The most important item that a bride-to-be needs is an official checklist. She needs to guard this list with her life.

Using a checklist is the only way to keep organized and prevent you from losing your mind. You are going to need the skill of a military general to pull off your wedding. It gets complicated.

The top 10 items on your wedding checklist should include:

10. Set a date

Decide on a date. Set it in stone. Send out save the day notices and pick out your wedding invitations. Send them approximately six weeks before the event or earlier if it’s a destination wedding. Make all 10,000 decisions: Decide on your color theme; the music; decorations for the church and reception; your gown; his tux, your wedding party, their outfits, your vows, the flowers, your shoes, jewelry, foundation garments, the officiate and music and food for the reception. Register at a department store’s bridal registry and then select your dish and stemware patterns. Start a file system because you’re going to need it.

9. Dress fitting

Under no circumstances wait until the 11th hour to try on your wedding dress for the last time. If your gown doesn’t fit, and you’re up against a wall time wise you may be out of luck and have to resort to makeshift alterations yourself and wear it anyway. Determine at the time of your final fitting if your veil is exactly the way you want it. If you want to add something or remove something from the dress or the veil now is the time to do it. You must give the seamstress ample time, so she can accommodate your wishes and have your dress and veil ready to go.

8. Rings

Have you purchased your wedding bands? Do that — and get them sized? Remember to pick them up at the jewelers’ at some point before the wedding.

7. Marriage license

DID YOU GET YOUR MARRIAGE LICENSE? This is a big one on your checklist and something you cannot forget. Do not wait until the last minute to head to the courthouse and get your license. In some states, the license is good for 30 days. When you go to get your marriage license take necessary documentation along with you, such as divorce papers and identification.

6. Hair

Have you decided how you’re going to wear your hair? Make an appointment with a hairdresser and undergo a trial run. Do not decide on the spur of the moment to go blonde (or brunette or red headed) right before your big day. Do not chop off all your hair or do anything that is completely contrary to your regular look. Save your hair explorations for some other time. If the hair color and/or color are a debacle, and you can’t get them repaired in time you are sorely going to regret undertaking a risky metamorphosis right before your wedding day. Same goes for make-up. Have a practice session. Do not allow some well-meaning make-up artist to paint you up so that you’re unrecognizable. Pictures last forever and forever ….

5. Touch base

Several days before the wedding, call the church, florist, cake baker, minister, wedding planner, caterer, photographer, videographer, musicians or DJ, lighting specialist, reception venue and everyone in the wedding party to confirm that everyone knows what they’re supposed to do, particularly those who have been hired to do it.

4. Health check

Right before the wedding ceremony, do a body count. Is everyone present, sober and feeling fine? Do not have your bachelor party or bachelorette party the night before the nuptials. You do not want to be one of those hung over grooms (or brides) who cause a scene by fainting at the altar and, better yet, upchucking all over the sanctuary. This goes for the members of the bridal party as well. There is a time and a place for vomiting and passing out, and it isn’t at the altar in front of 300 guests. In the event that a member of the bridal party is feeling gamey, hydrate them with water. Give them inspiring thoughts and pray. Do not under any circumstance give them hair of the dog.

3. Pulled together

Before marching down the aisle go through a mental checklist: Does everyone have a bouquet? Do the men have their boutonnieres? Is the garter on? Did you remember to incorporate something new, borrowed and blue? Are finger-nails and toenails painted and teeth brushed? Are tattoos concealed? Did you order and give gifts and favors to your attendants and guests? Remember to stash some breath mints, deodorant, tissues, safety pins lipstick for a quite post-wedding touch-up into your bag, which someone in your army can carry for you.

2. Rings (again)

You ORDERED the rings (see #8) now check – seriously – that both the maid of honor and best man have the rings. This can ruin the ceremony. Double check. Make darned sure that someone in the wedding party has the rings. The wedding won’t be THE WEDDING without the wedding bands.

1. Body count

Make a point of showing up. Is he here? Is she here? Send someone out on a covert operation to find out. Yes. Yes. Check. Check. There is such a phenomenon as run-away-brides and grooms whose feet get so cold at the last minute that they take a left turn instead of a right and don’t end up at the chapel. Do not do this. If you don’t want to get married have the courtesy to take your leave of absence before the day of the wedding. Informing your intended of your intentions is required and not negotiable. Do not wait until the last minute. Man or woman up. No one fancies being left at the altar.


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  2. Lee on February 9th, 2011 4:52 pm

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