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Top 10 Jewelry Gifts for the Bride Ideas

Written by: Editorial Staff

June 15, 2011
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One of the top ten jewelry for the bride ideasContributed by Tim Brugger, Top 10 Guru

Toaster ovens, blenders and candlesticks are nice, but if you want to knock the socks off the bride, the right jewelry is the way to go. Especially if she is family, or a BFF.

She’s probably got a decent diamond engagement ring on one of her fingers already, so that’s out. But that leaves 7 other fingers, a couple of thumbs and a host of other jewelry options. Make your presentation weeks before the big day, and she might just wear the piece you give her on the big day … as a special memento of sorts.

One of these Top 10 Jewelry for the Bride Ideas is sure to earn you a place at the Reception.

10. Hairpins

One of the top ten jewelry for the bride ideas

There’s every indication the bride will look as good, or better, than ever on her wedding day, including her hairstyle. This increases the odds of her wanting to get her hair just right for evenings out with her new husband at some point in the future. That’s why a set of hairpins starts our list of bridal gift ideas.

9. Stickpin

One of the top ten jewelry for the bride ideas

Underappreciated by many, a stylish stickpin adds that certain something to a woman’s ensemble. For those watching their budget, this is the perfect gift for the bride since finding one reasonably priced shouldn’t be too difficult. And she’ll never have to know.

8. Custom jewelry

One of the top ten jewelry for the bride ideas

This makes an ideal present, especially for those that know the bride well. If she has a favorite stone or gem, prefers a particular shape or style, having something custom made will mean the world to her. Every bit as nice as the result of custom designed jewelry, is knowing she’s the only one in the world with a piece just like hers.

7. Watch


These make great bridal gifts, particularly if the bride is like many people who collect watches the way some people collect stamps or beanie babies. But much more upscale and pricey, obviously. With the stunning variety of vintage watches, designer styles and modern watch designs, you’re sure to find the one that’s suits her perfectly and will be a family heirloom.

6. Charm bracelet

One of the top ten jewelry for the bride ideas

What’s great about a family themed charm bracelet as a bridal gift is, like marriage, it will continue to grow and change over time. That’s what makes these the perfect way to express your happiness for the bride. You may even go a step further and get her started with Top 10 Bridal Gift Idea #5.

5. Charm pendant

One of the top ten jewelry for the bride ideas

Best if combined with Top Ten item #6 and or item #4, but will more than hold it’s own as freestanding gift for the bride, charm pendants are a great way to say congratulations. Also, there are so many choices and options, it’s virtually certain the bride won’t get duplicates; like the 16 toasters she has yet to unwrap.

4. Birthstone jewelry

One of the top ten jewelry gifts for the bride ideas

Rings, pendants or necklaces work great when they come with the bride’s birthstone as the centerpiece of the design. Select a couples birthstone piece to make it wedding-appropriate. Weddings don’t necessarily mark a new birth, but they are a new beginning and birthstone jewelry helps celebrate this exciting new chapter.

3. Script necklace

One of the top ten jewelry gifts for the bride

A beautiful necklace is a beautiful necklace and always makes a great gift. What makes this idea special is you can customize it with the bride’s initial or name for a truly personalized bridal gift. Guaranteed she’ll never forget who it came from, and the day she received it. As for the groom; that’s what toaster ovens are for.

2. Pearl earrings

One of the top ten jewelry for the bride ideas

It’s possible, as with Top 10 item #1, the bride will have pearl earrings; they’re a wedding phenomenon. Pearl earrings still make our list at #2 because there are so many options, and most of them are beautiful. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out, and most women will concur; having too many pearl earrings – especially if they are part of a bridal jewelry set – simply isn’t possible.

1. Black pearl necklace

One of the top ten jewelry gifts for the bride ideas

Not just any pearl necklace will do as the #1 bridal gift idea. No, we need something with pearls certainly, but also with a little panache. The chances are too great the blushing bride will already be sporting a band of white cultured pearls, so a necklace with one featured pearl, or most any that have black pearls will make a great gift.

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