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Top 10 Most Comfy Shoes

Written by: Editorial Staff

February 22, 2011
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The most comfy shoes prevent foot pain and discomfortContributed by Rose Garland, Info Guru

Comfortable shoes don’t have to be ugly, just comfortable. Feet can be sensitive, and the right shoe can make all the difference in a full day of standing up or walking around.

A comfortable shoe needs to have arch support for those who have high or fallen arches, and an even heel / toe walking pattern. They can’t bind anywhere or cause callouses, and they have to support your whole body in a natural, comfortable position.

Check out these top 10’s for the most comfortable, and stylish shoes:

10. Most comfortable flip-flops

A list of the top ten most comfy shoes

Crocs always have a place on the “comfy list,” as well as the popular list. But look for crocs that have the right amount of foot support and structure. Croc sandals are the most popular and comfortable casual shoes on the market. They will last a long time.

9. Most comfortable wedges

Wedges are easily the most comfortable and attractive business shoes money can buy. Check out stylish wedges like these and experience them yourself. Try on a pair of low wedges in dressy or casual looks for super comfort combined with contemporary styling.

8. Most comfortable slippers

Sherpa or lambswool slippers offer warmth and comfort at the end of a long day. Concerned about sliding? Look for slippers with soles.

7. Most comfortable sandals

Sandals vary so much, from the dressy to the casual, and although Dansko sandals are extremely comfortable and stylish, these Merrell sandals won this round for comfort and usability.

6. Most comfortable men’s casual non-trainer

Some men can be very particular when it comes to shoes, and comfort is often equally as important as how the shoe looks. Born and Clarks are both extremely comfortable men’s shoes, as well as New Balance. Clark’s Nature 3 are made to fit comfortably and alleviate heel and leg pain.

5. Most comfortable men’s dress shoes

Are there comfortable and attractive dress shoes for men? The Rockport Aderner, and shoes like it, wins for shock absorption and traction.

4. Most comfortable walking sneakers

Women trainers vary a lot, and finding something comfortable can be easier said than done. Speaking from experience, these are the most comfortable shoes possible for everyday travel. Ask or chat with an expert to select shoes that work for your foot type and walking style. A great online store specializing in shoes, like Robert Wayne Footwear, will have lots of options in trainers and walking shoes, and a “LIVE CHAT” feature to help you select the right shoe.

3. Most comfortable business-ready kitten heels

Comfortable heels? Better believe it. These kitten heels are attractive and will make a long day at the office easier without the stress of uncomfortable shoes. Look for a mid-height heel that is wide for stability and good support in the arch.

2. Most comfortable dress shoes

Finding comfortable dress shoes can be difficult. Shoes to both walk and dance in, that have high heels and are still comfortable can be difficult to find. You will have to try on many pairs to find the shoe perfect for your foot and comfort, but start with a pair of heels that has lines similar to this one and you will be on the right track.

1. Most comfortable shoes ever made

Hands down, the most comfortable, and under-rated shoe on the market is the stylish clog. Clogs have been made for centuries, and seem to resurge in popularity about every ten years. Clogs are made for both men and women, and come in a wide variety of heights and styles and for just about every occasion. Consider adding clogs as a staple to your comfortable shoe wardrobe.

Sometimes finding truly comfortable, well-built shoes can be difficult, and online shopping is a great answer. Although pricier than many other choices, brands that specialize in comfort shoes are also superbly constructed and wear longer than cheaper shoes.


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  1. Denise Hodgson on November 2nd, 2011 11:03 pm

    Could you please tell me the brand and where I can purchase number three??