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Top 10 New Parent Timesavers

Written by: Editorial Staff

April 20, 2011
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One of the top ten new parent timesaversContributed by Marnely Rodriguez, Top 10 Guru

As a new parent, you’ll need every single second of the day.

Make sure to be prepared, not only for your day to day routine, but also for those unforeseen emergencies and random events!

Here is a list of the top ten new parent timesavers:

10. Prepare outfits ahead of time

One of the top ten new parent timesavers

A newborn will leave you no time to think, much less put outfits together. Plan ahead what you’ll where the next day, even if they’re going to be pajamas! Buy multiples of the baby clothes that work best for you and your infant. Nothing worse than wanting to wear pajamas and finding all 12 pairs in the dirty laundry!

9. Food preparations

One of the top ten new parent timesavers

You still have to eat, even when your baby doesn’t. Plan to have a day a week to make-ahead meals that will be easily frozen and reheated. Options such as lasagnas, casseroles, stuffed chicken breasts and twice-baked potatoes can be cooked by batches and frozen. An even better idea, if your budget allows it, is to get meals delivered to your home.

8. Emergency stash

One of the top ten new parent timesavers

Keeping an extra diaper bag with all the necessities in your trunk will at times be a lifesaver! If you ever find yourself on the road for more time than planned, or you need to dash somewhere in the middle of the night, you’ll be prepared!

7. Hands-free

One of the top ten new parent timesavers

With babies, you need both your hands to carry them at times, especially when they are newborns. A baby body sling will leave your hands free to do other chores while the baby rests close to you. Another good buy is a hands-free cell phone clip, so you won’t have to search for your phone if it rings while you’re putting the baby to sleep.

6. Must-have list

One of the top ten new parent timesavers

One of the best new mom tips I got was to keep a laminated list of essentials in your diaper bag, so you know when you’re running low on something, as well as never to run out of the house without wet naps! Lists will become your best friend when you have a newborn.

5. Small clean-ups

One of the top ten new parent timesavers

Having a newborn at home means that strong smells and chemicals are frowned upon, so try the green cleaning supplies which are generally non-toxic (do read the labels, though!) They’re made with citrus oils to deep clean and leave a fresh, delicate scent all throughout your house. Sure beats that nasty chemical smell of regular cleaners!

4. Babysitters

One of the top ten new parent timesavers

Someone offers to babysit? Say yes! After your baby is a few months old and your comfortable leaving him for a few hours or overnight, take advantage of these friends and family offers. Run some errands, clean the house or just sleep for a few hours! You deserve it!

3. Rest together

One of the top ten new parent timesavers

Is your baby sleeping? You should be too! When your baby naps, enjoy the quiet time and get some rest yourself. Don’t try to fill in this time with cleaning or laundry, just rest. You need some sleep time!

2. Run errands back to back

One of the top ten new parent timesavers

If either Mom or Dad is going out to the grocery store, make the errand run worth it and pick up the dry cleaning, the prescriptions and that delicious cake you’ve both craved from the bakery. This allows for just one run out of the house and saves time, being a more efficient multi-tasker!

1. Relax

One of the top ten new parent timesavers

These practical, yet funny burp towels will make you smile in times of stress and remind you it’s not all crying and restless sleeping; there will be laughs along the way!

Enjoy parenthood and remember: there is NO manual to parenting so do what you feel is best for you and your baby. If you find a timesaver that works for you – anything from zipper sheet tops to disposable bibs! – invest in a drawer full. Enjoy the ride and teach them to become good citizens of the world!

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