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Top 10 Shopping with Children Tips

Written by: Editorial Staff

June 1, 2012
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shopping with kidsContributed by Info Guru Jennifer Andrews

Parents know that going to the stores with children can be an arduous task that both tests their patience and energy levels.

Children can be well-behaved on some trips; yet other trips that are longer or boring to them can leave them complaining or crying to get out. The opposite effect may happen in stores around tempting items such as toys and candy where kids are jumping, running or screaming for what they want. Try the following top ten shopping with children tips below to determine how to survive your next outing with ease and happiness.

10. Rules


Before you hit the malls or grocery store, sit down with children to discuss the rules of shopping for the day. For instance, children may only be able to pick out one item to purchase and not ask for more unless they have their own money to use. You should know what you are looking for too, and don’t get diverted as that eats up time and patience.

9. Positive attitude

positive attitude

A positive attitude can make or break a trip spent shopping with children. Start off the day on a good foot by spreading cheer and feelings of happiness to your children to decrease the likelihood of angry outbursts or crying episodes later.

8. Time limits

time limits

When shopping with children it’s imperative to set time limits as to how much time you will spend in any one store. Children have short attention spans and will likely get irritable and tired if browsing any store that doesn’t involve toys or something that caters to their own interests.

7. Stay together

stay together

It’s easy to lose one another when out shopping with children. Keep kids close to you at all times and remind them not to separate. Older children may be allowed to spend a little time going where they want but only with permission and a meeting time set-up for return.

6. Make it fun

make it fun

Make a shopping day fun by adding in a store or two that interests children instead of only running errands or doing the things you like.

5. Healthy snacks

healthy snacks

Children often get tired and cranky if they go without food too long. Keep energy levels up by packing healthy snacks for a shopping trip that are easy to carry such as apples and cheese strings.

4. Lunch date

lunch date

In addition to healthy snacks, eating lunch while out shopping makes for a good mid-day break that will refuel energy levels and appetites. Stick to healthier meal options such as restaurants that serve fresh salads, wraps, and sub sandwiches with a small treat such as a cookie for dessert.

3. Minimize numbers

minimize numbers

If you are shopping alone with children, keep the number of children to a minimum. This will help avoid the risks of kids getting lost or you running ragged trying to keep everyone together.

2. Keep it simple

keep it simple

A shopping day spent with children should not include an exhaustive to-do list with numerous errands. Avoid going to too many stores or having to drive to several locations as this can make children more tired and apt to complain.

1. Help


Kids are more likely to cooperate and follow shopping rules if you ask for their help. Make grocery shopping a game by having one child push the cart and the other keep loose items neatly organized.


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