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Top 10 Spring-into-Summer Shoe Trends

Written by: Editorial Staff

March 18, 2011
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The top ten spring into summer shoe style trendsContributed by Samantha Rose, Top 10 Guru

2010 is long gone, although it feels like it was in the blink of an eye, but it has left a few shoe fashion trends to carry over into 2011.

Warmth weather is an excellent reason to pack up those winter boots and to bust out with colorful, fun summer sandals. Let your feet enjoy lounging by the poolside and dancing during the cool summer nights with these top ten summer shoe trends.

10. Bandal

The bandal is a spring and summer shoe trend

There’s a reason why this faux-boot faux-sandal is at the bottom of the list. Two great shoes that aren’t great together. While not my favorite summer shoe, the “bandal” is fast becoming the “it” shoe for 2010 – 2011. You’ve probably seen this version everywhere: the black thong sandal with a boot ankle cuff. The same style that my girlfriends and I guffawed at last year has slowly taken feet hostage in 2011. It’s impossible to take two steps without spotting the boot sandal bastard child that is the bandal. If it is summer slip into sandals, if it is winter throw on some boots. Where does a boot sandal come in? It doesn’t.

9. Heel-less heels

Heel less heels are a spring 2011 shoe fashion trend

You’ve seen the aesthetically-pleasing but non-functional shoes that celebrities – Lady Gaga and Posh Spice in particular – have been flaunting. Now these over-the-top dramatic heel-less heels have been toned down for public use. Personally, the lack of a heel looks frightening, uncomfortable and just plain dangerous although your calves receive a great workout. Try these gravity-defying shoes with a moderate heel or the cutout heel version. Slip some cushioned soles into these heels to add comfort. If nothing else, this here-today-gone-tomorrow fad will sure be good for a laugh in a few years.

8. Kitten heel

Kitten heels are a spring shoe trend for the fashion conscious

Are you sick of itty-bitty, drive-me-to-the-door platform pumps? Are the arches of your feet screaming for some support from thin ballet flats? Meet in the middle this year with the kitten heel dress shoes. The short slender kitten heel – reminiscent of 50’s teenagers – has been making a comeback since 2003. This style is perfect for taller women wanting the seductiveness of heels without the height and for women craving Audrey Hepburn channeled fashion.

7. Prints

Print heels are a spring fashion trend

Summer is all about bursts of color to celebrate relaxation and fun. Spice up the days and nights with bright colors and over-the-top prints. What’s hot right now? Animal prints. Flower prints. Naval prints. Multi-colored straps.

6. Military

Miliary styling is a spring shoe fashion trend

While some stylists argue that the military-inspired trend has been around for too long – nearly a decade now – I’d like to think that this trend is only just beginning. The military look keeps reinventing itself with new takes on old favorites – army green and navy and camo. To keep this trend fresh mix military heels with mini-skirts, jeggings, “jean leggings,” and lace.

As an offshoot, the biker boot trend may slowly replace the greens and tans of the military trend. If this happens, expect tough details to steal the scene with studs, spikes, buckles, zippers and laces.

5. Textures

Textures like lace are a spring shoe fashion trend

Play up textures by picking a pair of heels with sequins, bits of lace or tassels. You don’t have to buy a sequin dress or jacket to add glam to your wardrobe. Instead let a pair of flirty black sequined heels spice up your date-night jeans and tank top. Lace is continuing its popularity by infusing itself into sandals and heels. Tassels, feathers, flowers and jewel embellishments are alternative textures that add quirkiness to basic heels and sandals.

4. Leather

Leather is both a classic and a trend in spring shoe trends

A great pair of leather oxfords and leather sandals will last into next summer. Leather is a beautiful timeless material. It’s easy to dress up with a skirt and blouse or dress down with a tank, some skinny jeans and bold jewelry.

3. Pastel

Pastel colors for shoes are a refreshing spring fashion trend

Fight the winter greys with bright reinvigorating pastel shoe colors. Winter is still clinging on this year but once the last snowflakes melt the flower buds will push through the soil. All of the spring colors have produced fresh and youthful shoes. From sky blue to sunflower yellow, these shoes will be hoping for warm weather.

2. Platforms

Hurrah! Platforms are the playful, sexy, summer shoe for 2011. Satin, sequines, leather, canvas, suede – all great materials that will carry from a stylish luncheon to a super-hot girl’s night out. The best part about platforms is that they’re budget-friendly so you can reinvent your summer wardrobe without breaking the bank.

1. Clogs

Clogs combine style and comfort for the best spring fashion trend

Clogs are making a valiant re-emergence in 2011 in all sorts of materials with casual and fancy embellishments. The go-to shoe, clogs are easy to slip on with lace skirts and denim dresses for summer days. Dansko clogs, in particular, combine style with comfort. In 2011, clogs could carve out a permanent spot in your closet as a wardrobe basic year round.

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