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Top 10 Tailgating Recipes

Written by: Editorial Staff

August 31, 2011
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One of the top ten tailgating recipesContributed by Marnely Rodriguez, Top 10 Guru

Tailgating is a fun tradition that mainly revolves around two things: the game and the food.

Tailgating can be a group effort, and everyone brings something. Even if you are not hosting, you may have to contribute to the fare. And if you are hosting, knock your tailgating guests out of the stadium with a few of these tailgating winners.

Check out these recipes and make some delicious food at your next tailgate!

10. Jalapeno Goat Cheese Poppers

One of the top ten tailgating recipes

Before any big game, you’ll need to snack on something that will not only satisfy your hunger but spice up your mouth as well! Try these jalapeno poppers with goat cheese and shrimp, easy to do on the grill as well.

9. Fire up the grill

One of the top ten tailgating recipes

The recipe for this one is simple: fire + meat. It can be as simple as hot dogs, or more complicated tailgate food like braised ribs and pot roast. Seriously. We have seen some tailgate grilling adventures that put your weekend burger-fest to shame. Since every tailgate involves some sort of grill, so check out these grilling tips from La Cocina Kitchen.

8. Homemade Linguica Sausage

One of the top ten tailgating recipes

Why buy sausage – or, horrors, packages of generic hot dogs – when you can make your own? Heather over at Farmgirl Gourmet goes through the entire step by step process of the making of this Portuguese sausage!

7. Spicy Potato Salad

One of the top ten tailgating recipes

A classic, all-American side dish for any grilling event, potato salad is revamped with the addition of spicy Sriracha sauce and a can of tuna for added nutrition! No more cold potatoes and miracle whip.

6. Chipotle Black Bean Pizza

One of the top ten tailgating recipes

Grilled pizza is one of the best food trends out there! The char you’ll get will provide a smokiness that regular oven baked pizza doesn’t have. In Good Taste suggests great toppings such as black beans and chipotle peppers for a spicy kick! Serve as slices or make personal pizzas for everyone. Your fellow fans will wander over from THEIR tailgate when they catch the aroma of what you’ve got cooking.

5. Mango Salsa

One of the top ten tailgating recipes

Either to dip your chips in or top a steak with, this mango salsa will use the season’s fresh mangoes to entice your guests to eat more! You’ll break into this on the way to the game, and save some for the ride home as well.

4. Puppy Chow

One of the top ten tailgating recipes

Coated in melted chocolate and peanut butter, this “puppy chow” is perfect for chowing between games or innings, as well as giving some to the kids when they are anxious and ready to leave. It’ll keep anyone entertained for a good amount of time, and is the best dessert for a non-dessert type of event.

3. Mango, Black Bean and Corn Salsa

One of the top ten tailgating recipes

Another mango salsa, this time with corn and beans added, make for a great side dish to your grilled meats.

2. Grilled Beef Teriyaki

One of the top ten tailgating recipes

Tailgating is all about the grill, so make these beef teriyaki kebobs! Great for munching on before the game starts and it will prepare you for the great food to come.

1. Burgers!

One of the top ten tailgating recipes

Always having burgers on the grill will keep everyone happy! Check out this delicious tailgate burger recipe and think about making mini-burgers as appetizers or for the kids!

Whichever recipe you decide to make, it’s all about team spirit so don’t be a sore loser and have some dessert afterwards. Surprise everyone and break out the cooler with the frozen treats! Happy tailgating!


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  1. shar on December 10th, 2011 3:42 pm

    Every one of your Top 10 tailgate recipes look so good! I want to eat every last picture right off the computer screen. I am going to try a few at my latest tailgate party. I