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Top 10 Things for Chocolate Fondue

Written by: Lindsay Shugerman

October 24, 2012
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Contributed by Info Guru Lindsay Shugerman

Who doesn’t love chocolate fondue? First, there’s the fun of dipping. And then there’s all that rich, warm chocolate covering something wonderful inside. And when it’s blustery or snowing outside, its all even better.

If you’re planning on celebrating the return of cooler weather or the arrival of the holiday season with a chocolate treat, here are the very best things for chocolate fondue.

10. Pound cake

top 10 things for chocolate fondue pound cake

Pound cake and chocolate fondue are a classic combination. The firm, sweet, buttery cake hold up well to dipping in fondue pots. And the two flavors meld perfectly.

Chill your pound cake before cutting into chunks, and you’ll minimize crumbs and help the cake stay together in the warm chocolate.

9. Strawberries

top 10 things for chocolate fondue strawberries

What’s more romantic than dipping juicy, sweet strawberries into warm, smooth chocolate? No matter what else you offer for dipping, make sure there are lots of big red strawberries on the table!

8. Banana slices

top 10 things for chocolate fondue bananas

Chunks or thick slices of firm banana are a delicious choice for your fondue. Make sure your banana is not overly ripe, or you’ll end up with bits of banana in your fondue pot.

For an extra tasty combination, create the taste of summer by freezing banana slices (dip them in pineapple juice first, to keep them from turning brown.) The ice cold bananas with the warm fondue are an instant favorite.

7. Peaches

top 10 things for chocolate fondue peaches

If peaches are in season, select firm, slightly under-ripe peaches for your fondue. No, this isn’t one of the expected things for chocolate fondue plates, but it works wonderfully.

A word of caution … if fresh peaches aren’t available, skip this choice. Canned or frozen peaches just won’t work. Fresh pears or chunks of firm, tart apple are good fondue dipping choices, too.

6. Macaroons

top 10 things for chocolate fondue macaroons

Macaroons are a fantastic choice for dipping your fondue. Opt for a rich, dark chocolate blend to compliment the sweetness of the macaroons.

Not only are these chewy coconut cookies a tasty choice, they are usually gluten-free, so more of your friends can enjoy your dessert.

5. Marshmallows

top 10 things for chocolate marshmallows

Marshmallows are wonderful at a campfire, amazing in s’mores. But you haven’t experienced marshmallows at their very best until you dip them in a warm, creamy chocolate fondue. The warmth of the chocolate and the fluffiness of the marshmallows is a marriage made in dessert heaven.

For an extra special treat, have a bowl of finely chopped pecans handy. Dip the marshmallows into the chocolate, then into the nuts. Perfect!

4. Orange segments

delicious chocolate fondue with orange

Orange segments are a great choice if you want to enjoy the contrast between the sweet creamy chocolate and a tart juicy orange. Separate the oranges into segments before your guests arrive, and of course, make sure the oranges you select are seed free.

3. Frozen seedless grapes

top 10 things for chocolate fondue frozen grapes

Grapes are another wonderful choice for your fondue plate. And freezing them brings out the sweetness and gives you a delicious contrast between the hot and cold.

2. Pineapple chunks

top 10 things for chocolate fondue pineapple

Pieces of icy cold, tangy pineapple are another top 10 choice for things to dip in your chocolate fondue. Both canned and fresh pineapple work well, although fresh pineapple might be easier to keep on fondue forks.

Pineapple also works well in chocolate fountains. Either way, offering shredded coconut as a topping for freshly dipped pineapple takes it to the next level of yummyness!

1. Angel food cake

top 10 things for chocolate fondue angel food cake

And number one is my personal favorite of the things for chocolate fondue. Angel food cake’s light texture is the best match for a dark chocolate fondue. Use a serrated knife to cut your cake into bite-sized pieces, then enjoy.

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