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Top 10 Things You Need For a New Puppy

Written by: Lindsay Shugerman

August 31, 2012
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new puppy
Contributed by Lindsay Shugerman, Top 10 Guru

Congratulations! You’re bringing home a new puppy! But before you take your new one home, make sure you have the essentials!

So grab your shopping list, and head on out to get everything you need. Here are the top 10 things every house need to welcome a new furry baby in style and comfort.

10. A food and water bowl

Top 10 things you need for a new puppy dog food bowls

It’s been said that puppies do three things really well: eat, run and sleep. So one of the first things your new pup needs are food and water bowls. Make sure the bowls you pick are low enough for your little one to eat and drink from. And because puppies sometimes have a hard time putting on the brakes, selecting a set that’s heavy and stable will help you avoid spills and splashes.

9. Puppy toys

Top 10 things you need for a new puppy dog toys

Puppies love to chew, so make sure you provide lots of wonderful, durable toys for them to grab, gnaw and chase. Keep your new addition safe by avoid toys with pieces that could come off and get swallowed. And until certain issues with foreign-made dog items are resolved, sticking with toys made in the U.S., Canada or Europe might be a wise choice.

8. A dog bed

Top 10 things you need for a new puppy dog beds

Everyone needs a place to sleep, and your puppy is no exception. Choose a bed that easy to get in and out of, and place it where it’s safe from being stepped on. Some dogs prefer to sleep in small spaces, so you may want to place their bed in a dog crate to create a cozy, safe den.

7. A collar and leash

Top 10 things you need for a new puppy leash and collar

A good collar is a necessity for all dogs from the moment you bring them home. Make sure the collar you choose fits snugly without pinching, and check it frequently for size as your puppy grows. Under no circumstances should you use a chain or prong collar on any dog. (If you doubt this wisdom,put it on your own throat and tug a bit! Ouch!!)

A good leash that’s strong enough to hold a wiggly puppy is also very important. Skip the retractable leashes for now…you need to have complete control while you’re training your new pet to walk nicely.

6. Name tags

Top 10 things you need for a new puppy name tags

Of course, your puppy is micro-chipped, right? But even so, an easy-to-read tag with his or her name, your name and a phone number or two is something you must have for your pup. Not everyone has a microchip reader, but a quick look at a tag could reunite you with a wandering dog in minutes.

5. A dog brush

Top 10 things you need for a new puppy dog brush

Whether your dog is long-haired or short, a good dog brush is another thing on your must-buy list. Pick the type of brush best for their coat, and use it daily. By starting now, your dog will learn to love being groomed later! And you’ll have a shiny pup from day one.

4. Puppy supplements

Top 10 things you need for a new puppy shampoo

All dogs need supplements for healthy skin and a lustrous coat – it’s not just about plopping them in the tub! Choose vitamins and minerals for your puppy’s specific needs, and adjust what you add to his diet as he grows. Taking extra care of his joints, bones and coat while he is young will ensure good health for a lifetime.

3. Pet stain cleaner

Top 10 things you need for a new puppy dog urine cleaner

Yes, accidents will happen, so make sure you’re prepared. Investing in a couple of bottles of good pet urine remover now could save that special rug or favorite chair later. Treating accidents quickly will reduce the chance of staining and re-soiling, so keep some in every room and in your car for emergency clean-ups.

2. Puppy food

Top 10 things you need for a new puppy food

Puppy tummies can’t handle adult dog food, so make sure you select a puppy food made for growing bodies and baby teeth. If you have a small or toy breed, make sure the kibble is small enough for your little one to chew easily. Skip the soft foods for now. Kibble will give them something safe to chew, and keep growing teeth clean and healthy.

1. A great digital camera

Top 10 things you need for a new puppy digital camera

I know, this is NOT your typical item for this kind of list. But with all the adorable poses and oh-so-cute antics, you’re going to want to make sure you have a camera charged and on hand throughout that precious first year. And if you get some especially great shots, why not share them with your friends on social media? Your pup might become a Facebook star!


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