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Top 10 Tips For Pool Safety

Written by: Editorial Staff

May 27, 2012
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pool safety tipsContributed by a Info Guru

May is National Water Safety Month and for many of us, it is just the start of pool fun: June, July, August and beyond all invite us to enjoy backyard water fun.

Summer brings a lot of time spent at the swimming pool. Families can help each other learn simple water safety tips to use while enjoying the pool this season. Learn as many pool safety tips as you can – you never know which one might save someone’s life!


10. Permission required

pool permission

Take the time to explain to children that going to swimming pools and spas requires the permission and accompaniment of parents / caregivers. No matter how enticing the water looks, there should be no jumping in without an adult’s permission and without an adult watching.

9. Watch kids closely

adult supervision

Never leave a child unattended; alert adult supervision is required whenever any child is in or near a pool or hot tub. You should never assume that because a child has had swimming lessons that they are “drown-proof.” This simply is not the case; children can tire quickly or get injured while playing, making them vulnerable no matter how many swimming lessons they’ve taken.

8. Emergency preparedness

first aid

Keep a portable telephone and first aid kit nearby in case of any emergencies. If a child is missing, the pool or spa should be the first location you look. If the pool or spa is crowded, instruct everyone to get out of the pool so you can have a clear view into the water for the missing child.

7. Lifeguard & safety equipment

lifeguard equipment

When arriving at the pool, look around and locate the lifeguard equipment such as life-rings, reaching poles, and first aid kits. At a home pool, make sure you know where the pool safety equipment is stored and that it is readily accessible. Bring the location of these items to the attention of everyone you arrived with so they know where to find them.

6. Missing drain covers

drain cover

When arriving at the pool, check to make sure there are no missing or faulty drain covers. If there are, you should NOT enter the pool; immediately tell the pool owner or manager. Pool owners should replace all bad covers with new safety approved drain covers.

5. Pool cover

pool cover

Never get in a swimming pool or spa if the pool cover is on or partially on the pool or spa. Children and adults can become trapped in or under a pool cover, so be sure to remove it completely.

4. Set rules

pool rules

Set some ground rules for children to practice safe behavior and obey lifeguards while swimming in the pool or spa. In addition, teach children these simple pool safety tips and tell them to spread the word.

3. Stay away from mechanicals


Never put fingers, toes or other body parts into any pool mechanical openings such as skimmers. Stay away from drain coverings and suction outlets in the pool and hot tub.

2. Learn tips

water safety

Make learning these pool safety tips your personal call-to-action in improving water safety for yourself and others.

1. Learn CPR

If you own a pool or spa, you should learn how to swim and how to perform CPR on children and adults. Everyone should learn life-saving skills so they can be of assistance in case of a pool emergency.

For extra peace of mind, equip your home with pool safety equipment such as pool alarms, door alarms, pool fencing with self-closing gates and pool or spa covers for extra reassurance. You can help prevent a pool injury by educating yourself, your family and neighbors about these top 10 tips for pool safety.

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