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Top 10 Ways of Remembering September 11

Written by: Editorial Staff

April 3, 2012
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A list of the top ten ways of remembering September 11Contributed by Info Guru Tim Brugger

9/11 was one of the most infamous days in U.S. history; akin to Kennedy being shot or the kidnapping and killing of athletes in Munich in 1972.

Each changed the world, and all of us were never quite the same since. If you had a pulse, you can probably remember where you were, what you were doing and the emotions you felt. After the utter disbelief, the anger I felt on that day returns every time I think of it; just as it is now as I write this.

But not for a moment should 9/11 be forgotten, not a nano-second. And not just the horrific acts by a psychotic group of morons, but the response; ours and the world’s. If it’s possible for anything good to come of so much destruction, it was the galvanization of America.

In honor of those who gave their lives, and those who saved countless others, here are the top ten ways of remembering September 11th.

10. Attend an Event

A list of the top ten ways of remembering September 11

Many communities around the country, and around the world for that matter, hold parades and other gatherings in honor of those we lost that fateful day. As with any difficult time, it can help to spend it in the company of others. It’s also a great way to ensure we don’t dishonor the memories of the thousands killed by allowing time to minimize the impact.

9. Magnet, Flag or Bumper Sticker

A list of the top ten ways of remembering September 11

One of those ribbon magnets, 9/11 memorial flags or even a permanent sticker will make sure everyone knows you haven’t, nor will you ever forget what happened that day. It also serves as a shout out to all the heroes that rose up, as so often happens in times of tragedy, to show their true colors. Thankfully, most of them were red, white and blue.

8. Reflection

A list of the top ten ways of remembering September 11

Events and sharing both happy and difficult times with friends and family can be invigorating. But it’s also important to recognize each of us handles these memories in our own way. For some, that means taking some quality quiet time considering what remembering September 11 is really all about. For others, that means listening to patriotic music, watching documentaries of September 11th, or doing reflective reading. The heroes, the innocent victims, and the coming together of a nation; not a bad way to spend an afternoon.

7. Thank a Veteran

A list of the top ten ways of remembering September 11

As you know, it didn’t take long after 9/11 for the men and women of the U.S. military to answer the call. It seemed like only days before we had our troops in the Middle East, ready, willing and able to kick some serious backside. Not to mention the many National Guard members who helped restore order in New York and Washington after the devastation. A big shout out is the least, the very least, we can do to show our appreciation.

6. Pray for Those Lost to Your Deity of Choice

A list of the top ten ways of remembering September 11

Whatever you choose to call your personal divine being, if indeed you have one, toss a prayer up his or her way as a means of remembering the innocent victims of September 11. There are altogether too many souls to hear unfortunately, but that’s what makes sending up the collectively positive thoughts and wishes that much more important.

5. Drink a Toast

A list of the top ten ways of remembering September 11

I attended my high school reunion a few months back; which year I refuse to say. A friend of mine who was unable to attend made me promise to drink a toast to one of our crew we lost shortly after we graduated, many (many) years ago. It was a truly uplifting experience; so many decades later the six of us toasting our man Jim, who we refuse to forget. You’ll get that same feeling toasting the Americans we lost that day, guaranteed. So lift one toward the sky, whatever your poison, and share a toast in memory of.

4. Spend Family Time

A list of the top ten ways of remembering September 11

If remembering September 11 has taught us anything, it’s that when push comes to shove, what matters are the loved ones around us. Our jobs, what seem like endless responsibilities, the annoying person who left their cart in the middle of the aisle, just don’t measure up in the overall scheme of things. Invite your family over, leave the TV off and spend some time together; just because you can.

3. Personally Thank a Police Officer, Firefighter or EMT

A list of the top ten ways of remembering September 11

The acts of heroism on that day, and for several days and weeks after, are literally the stuff of legend. Not just our public servants of course, but countless others who opted to help save others rather than just themselves. But it seemed as though every police officer, ambulance driver, EMT and firefighter in and around New York City and Washington D.C. jumped at the opportunity to help. Some ended up paying the ultimate price. Though it seems woefully inadequate, a sincere Thank You is most definitely in order.

2. Proudly Display The American Flag

A list of the top ten ways of remembering September 11

Now, here I’m a bit torn. Not whether to display the American flag proudly declaring we happen to live in the best country in the world; no, that’s a given. It’s whether to fly the flag half mast or not when remembering September 11. On the one hand, in honor of all those who are no longer with us, flying the flag at half mast seems like an apt tribute. On the other hand, flying it high screams loud and clear to all those who think they can keep us down, “you didn’t know what we were made of, and you never will.” I guess when it’s all said and done, being Americans means we can exercise this wonderful thing called choice. So let her fly, any which way you like.

1. Tell Your Children

A list of the top ten ways of remembering September 11

Though our first reaction to something horrible is try and forget, that’s the last thing we should do. It dishonors those that made the ultimate sacrifice, during and after September 11. Tell your children, and make sure they tell theirs, what happened that day and the days that followed. You can knock us down, but you better be ready when we get back up again. Because we’ll always get back up again.

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