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Top 10 Ways to Create a Luxurious Bedroom

Written by: Editorial Staff

February 16, 2011
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Contributed by Cindi Pearce, Info Guru

Our bedroom is supposed to be our haven, a place of our own where we can retreat, unwind, relax, sleep and do “other things” if the notion strikes.

However, oft times our bedrooms become the catchall room for our stuff, the stuff we’re hiding from guests, our work stuff and our dirty clothes. The outcome: Not exactly nirvana and certainly not luxurious.

Here are the top 10 ways to create a luxurious bedroom:

10. Clean

Yeah, yeah, I know you’re too busy and nobody sees it anyway. Well, maybe they would if you plowed a path through the detritus that has accumulated. Make the bed, sweep, dust, clean off your dresser tops, under the bed (eeks!) and see what you have to work with underneath all of those clothes, shoes and magazines and God-only-knows what else (and we don’t need to know) that you’ve strewn everywhere. Now let’s begin.

9. Environmental controls

Is it hotter than Hades in your bedroom or colder than a witch’s body part? Consider how well the room is ventilated because a stuffy or cold room is not going to be comfortable and certainly not luxurious. Do not place your bed directly under air vents. Install a fancy programmable thermostat and set it for cool nights and toasty warm wake up calls. Can you open the windows? This allows fresh air to circulate. Go all out and install a fireplace. This is the top of luxury. You can cuddle in front of it on wintry nights. Is the room soundproof? You can provide sound proofing by adding upholstery to your headboard or by upholstering wall panels. These creature comforts are essential if you want a truly luxurious, private and accommodating bedroom.

8. Entertainment

Although we are advised not to watch TV in our bedrooms many of us do so throw caution and purportedly good advice to the wind and invest in a widescreen HD TV, and a remote, and cuddle up under your new down comforter, click and enjoy. Install a sound system in your bedroom. Crank up the music when you feel like it or turn it down to a hum, whatever suits your mood.

7. LIVE Entertainment

Invite the Chippendale guys in for a show. Theirs not yours; you are just watching and taking notes. Okay. Just testing to see if you’re paying attention.

6. Window Treatments

Don’t skimp on your bedroom drapes. Floor length velvet drapes are luxurious and will keep the cold and light out and the heat in. Maybe velvet is not your cup of tea but whatever window dressing you choose, make sure that it has some substance to it. Skimpy window treatments are not luxurious nor are they very functional. They don’t provide privacy or protection from daylight or the cold.

5. Floor covering

Some people may prefer hardwood floors in their bedrooms, and they are beautiful but a plush carpet is going to feel mighty good (and cozy) under your feet, particularly when it’s cold. If you do prefer hardwood floors invest in some good-looking area rugs so you can have the best of both worlds.

4. Rich colors

What color is your room? Indescribable? Puke green? Pepto Bismol pink? In other words, hideous? That can be fixed with a fresh coat of paint. Paint can transform your room even more so than lighting. Cool colors, such as blues and greens, are more conducive to sleep than warm colors (red, yellow.) You may want to stick with a neutral color palette which is soothing. Paint the wall trim and molding a complementary color. Paint the ceiling a soothing color—or paint an interesting design on it (not sheep)—because you may spend nights looking at it if you haven’t done anything about that uncomfortable mattress.

As G.K. Chesterton said, “Lying in bed would be an altogether perfect and supreme experience if only one had a colored pencil long enough to draw on the ceiling.”

3. Perfect lighting

Consider the lighting in your room. It is too bright? Too dim? Too basic? Proper lighting can transform a mundane room into something extraordinary. Light sets the atmosphere and ambiance. Put your lights on dimmers. Invest in some beautiful bed-side table lamps. Consider placing some pink bulbs into your ambient lighting (not in your task lighting, which is used for reading or putting on make-up) because pink makes everyone and everything look a hundred percent better. It’s also romantic. Consider recessed lighting or up lighting, which can be quite dramatic. If you have paintings on your walls or other features in the room that you want to accentuate use spot lights.

2. Expensive linens

Once you’ve made your bed choice—and although the initial monetary outlay may make you cringe, you will not regret it because your back is going to stop hurting, and you’re going to sleep like a baby– splurge one more time on some luxurious linens and pillows.

High thread count sheets are going to feel better against your skin. A pillow, like the bed, can make all the difference in how well you sleep, how long and how good you feel when you get up in the morning. Is your neck stiff? Does your back hurt? You may be sleeping on the wrong type of pillow for your physical needs, or you may be sleeping the wrong way.

Buy a pillow that is going to be supportive, comfortable and accommodates the way you sleep (on your back, side or belly.) Pick rich colors for your bed linens and comforter, duvet or bedspread. Add a faux fur throw. And then actually make your bed when you get out of it in the morning so when you return at night, voila! It is ready and waiting to embrace you. Bet you can’t wait to jump in!

1. Invest in your mattress

The bed, which is often the focal point of a bedroom, can be the ruination of you, as well as your bedroom décor, if is it uncomfortable, old and ugly and non-supportive (yes, we’re talking about getting jabbed in the butt by a spring.) Splurge. Just this once. Get a top-of-the-line bed that is comfortable for both, you and your partner. It needs to be the right size (width), height, length and hardness or softness to accommodate those sleeping in it. Consider the placement of your bed. Could you utilize the room better? Do you and your partner both have easy access to your respective sides of the bed? Move the bed if necessary. Sweet dreams.


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