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Top 10 Ways to Hold Your Money

Written by: Editorial Staff

January 20, 2012
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One of the top ten ways to hold your moneyContributed by Jennifer Andrews, Top 10 Guru

Money – the thing we love to hate.

Yes, although we all have our different uses and opinions of money, it is an essential element that allows us to provide shelter, food and clothing to live. Of course, beyond the basics, extra money can also be used to pay for those fun things we want in life such as vacations, fashion accessories and extracurricular activities.

Either way, knowing how to carry and hold your money can be an issue whether you are at home, shopping or traveling.

Consider one or more of these top ten ways to hold your money or stash your cash.

10. Money clips

money clip

A money clip is an ideal way to hold small or larger sums of money safely. Consider a magnetic clip for your wallet or a silver money clip to suit your lifestyle.

9. Wallet

One of the top ten ways to hold your money

The leather wallet has been an established method of holding money for hundreds of years and continues to be a preferred method. Wallets vary in size and style to suit your specific needs and wants.

8. Purses

One of the top ten ways to hold your money

Purses have become more than just a practical money-holding item as they tend to make a fashion statement nowadays as well. Select a classic handbag you can sling over your shoulder or consider a smaller purse to put in a larger handbag for safety.

7. Bank account

One of the top ten ways to hold your money

Long gone are the days of stuffing large sums of money under your mattress! Rather, a bank account is a safe and logical alternative to hold your money.

6. Messenger bag

One of the top ten ways to hold your money

Messenger bags have become the newest fashion “it” accessory. Available in many sizes, shapes and colors, all messenger bags have the same basic shape, are easy to carry, fit your laptop perfectly and usually have a variety of pockets, zips and snacks so that you can find a secure place to stash your cash.

Choose a classic nylon mesh for functionality, a fine leather messenger bag for rugged style or a distressed bag for hipster street cred.

5. Fanny-pack

One of the top ten ways to hold your money

Although the fanny pack gets nothing in the way of fashion points, it is certainly practical. This pouch-like purse can be strapped around your waist to hold money, keys and any other small items. It is particularly ideal for when you are walking or touring a new city.

4. Rubber bands

One of the top ten ways to hold your money

If you are in need of something quick and simple to hold your money, try a simple elastic band to keep bills together. Furthermore, there are specialty money bands available online or in stores now for the specific purpose of holding money.

3. Socks

One of the top ten ways to hold your money

If you are stuck without a wallet or other device, your dress or sport socks can work in a pinch. Shove dollar bills or coins deep into the toe of the sock and ball or tie up the top.

2. Zippered pockets

One of the top ten ways to hold your money

Pockets are never fully safe as money can easily fall out if you aren’t careful or you forget and throw your jacket or jeans in the laundry. However, small sums of money can be safely kept in the zippered pocket of a jacket and is ideal for quick access when needed. That way, you don’t have to take out a wallet or open a purse for small purchases — less chance for a snatch and grab or an accidental drop of larger bills.

1. Cards

One of the top ten ways to hold your money

Of course, one of the easiest ways to hold your money is simply by transferring it onto a debit or credit card. That eliminates the need to walk around with large sums of money and also reduces the need for carrying heavy wallets and purses. Make sure the card you choose doesn’t tack on a bunch of fees, though, or you might have a whole lot less money to carry!

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